Yad VaShem museum has established in Jerusalem in year 1953 about the memento of 6 million jews, which were killed in the concentration camps. Yad Vashem has documented and stored phases of each 6 million Jews victims' story about the concentration camp. Yad Vashem has documented them to the memory for coming future generations. Yad VaShem is located in Jerusalem on the Mt. of Remembrance (Har Hazikaron) near Mt. Herzl and the Military Cemetery.

In the museum of Yad Vashem is the largest and widest collection about Jew holocausts, which were killed in the nazis' concentration camps during second world war. Collection includes 62 million pages documents and about 267.500 photos and thousands of films and videos, in which Jews' survivors tell their stories. 

In the picture is children's memorial place.

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