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From Getshemane to the Calvary
1. Religious leaders
2. The Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees of today
3. The High priest Caiaphas
4. Questioning of the council
5. Jesus before Pontius Pilate
6. Jesus with Herod

7. Return to Pilate
8. Whipping
9. Mockery of this world
10. The Calvary
11. It is finished



8. Whipping

After these things Jesus was taken to be whipped. It was the custom that those who were ordered to be crucified would be whipped first. This was the custom of the Romans. The condemned men were undressed and bound to a post in the ground and after that they whipped them. The whip was three-pieces of leather (some say nine-pieces). There were sharp bits of bones, stones, metals and even bits of glass in the leather. The consequence of the whipping of flesh opened up the skin and veins could be seen. Usually there was a lot of bleeding on the backs of the victims. This whipping was already so terrible, that often some would die and others fainted in the process. 

If you believe in Jesus, you will taste the whipping of this world, maybe you do not suffer a scourging, but you may suffer insulting words and other outrageous acts. You can’t avoid the whip if you want to follow Jesus Christ in love and truth. These "whips of people" are sharp; they cut wounds to your flesh. But we don’t need to be frightened by the persecution and mockery of this world. Each "whip strike", which may cut your flesh, is intended to hurt you. The Bible has written: ‘he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin’. The Love of God is given to the heart of believer by the Holy Spirit, and helps us to love them who are whipping us. Jesus forgave His torturers and Jesus will give you the power to forgive those who are “whipping” you. The task of the disciples of Jesus Christ is following the example of our Lord Jesus who forgives, we must do the same.





Petri Paavola from Finland



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