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Babylonian and pagan roots of the Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church (RCC) very often tries to eliminate and defame every person who expose RCC's pagan roots and that its origin is in pagan religions, not in teaching of the Bible. In the matter of fact, RCC has mixed up Biblical and pagan doctrines. This combination makes from it anti-Christian sect and cult, which doesn't represent Biblical Christianity. RCC has systematically tried to distort evidence that shows clearly wrong doctrines of RCC and its undisputed connections to paganism. The history of Christianity is mainly written by Catholics (NT texts aren't Catholic texts) and RCC has burned several books and texts that it has kept as "heretics". Church history written by Roman Catholics is not fair history. RCC tries to always lead the people to read Catholic history of Christianity, by thus they try to testify that they are the same thing as the Early Church, which they are not in any way.

The church history is mainly written by Catholics and therefore, its emphasis is Catholic and distortions  are also mainly Catholic origin. In this world we don't for sure know all the things that have occurred in the history time after the Early Church. Something we can find, but not precisely. Actually, we don't have to know only that what the Bible tells, because the Word of God is sole spiritual authority to teaching of the Bible.

After the Early Church began to come apostasy concerning to the truth of the Bible. One of the things was emphasizing of the Catholic Church, in which the Early Church and the Lord Jesus taught nothing. In 1st century Ignatius first used the word Catholic (katholike) and the Roman Catholic Church put to use the word Catholic in 3th century. The Lord Jesus and apostles of the Early Church didn't use the word katholike (Catholic) and for this reason the word katholike is nowhere in the text of the New Testament manuscripts. The word Catholic (common) Church is written to the Apostles' Creed for the reason that people would emphasize the faith of the Catholic Church. It is very sad and ironic that Roman Catholic Church is not the Church of God, but anti-Christian sect, which has nothing to do with the Biblical faith. The concept Catholic Church in the Apostles' Creed has set to there for the purpose to bring authority to doctrines of the RCC. RCC teaches that how people must believe the Catholic interpretation and its tradition which are, however wrong teachings.

The text of the New Testament that we have in use have been written by apostles' of the Early Church and guided by the Holy Spirit, in which all copied NT's text's in all the times are coming from. I think that this the most important and the cornerstone that should will be enough for us and the evidence for it that the texts NT are not handwriting of Catholics as they try to indicate. During 1st and 2nd centuries arisen wrong teachings find their way inside the Catholic Church that was born in 3th century. In the New Testament is said about reading and spreading of the NT's texts at the time of the Early Church. Those who read, spread and copied first the texts of the NT were not Catholics. The concept and the word catholic came in the history at 1st century, but the Early Church born about 70 years before that the concept catholic was born. God has been taking care that the birth of the NT's texts and its message has kept away for a long distance from Catholicism, because the text of the NT has nothing to do with Catholicism that is the pagan sect.

The origin of the so called the Apostles' Creed is not written by the apostles of the Early Church, but it has been written after them. The Creed of the Early Church apostles' was very brief:

Romans 10:
9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Some of the Early Church believers who got the grace of God to write teaching and message of the New Testament did not bring out the Church in their Creed, because the saving faith can obtain only in the Lord Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. The word katholike means a common, but God did not give the Creed that we should connect the Church, because believing in the Lord Jesus is enough that will set all the things in the right places.

Apostle Paul said that after his departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock; And also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Disciples of the Lord Jesus should be sufficient texts of the OT and NT, because they are the same thing as the Word of God. There is no meaning how people have believed after the Early Church, because only it does matter what the Bible tells. The church history after the Early Church shouldn't be for us as the signpost on how we should believe in the Lord Jesus, because only the Bible is the perfect and infallible and shows to us how we must believe in the Lord Jesus. After the Early Church have come numerous groups who have more or less get lost from the truth of the Bible. The Bible is error-free and perfect announcement of God and therefore it should be our sole spiritual authority for teaching of the Bible.

Many believers have erred to study and believe doctrines that have been written after the Early Church. I don't have any desire to study what has happened after the Early Church in that sense that I try to find there the truth, because I have the Bible where is the perfect truth. The intention of the RCC is to lead you to study church history written by Catholics, because it is a trap, which leads you away from the truth of the Bible, that you should believe in Catholic tradition, which actually fully corrupt teaching of the Bible. For this reason, it is very important that you put the Bible (OT-NT) your only authority of the faith, because the teaching of the Bible tells for us how we should believe in the Lord Jesus at the time in the New Covenant.

The focus of the disciples of the Lord Jesus should be the Lord Jesus and the truth of the Bible. Exposing the lies and pagan origins is not the center point of believers, but we must tell it that no one get lost and think that Roman Catholic Church is the Church of God. RCC can distort texts which have been written through the ages, but RCC can't distort what pagan religions have left behind them by hieroglyphs, relics, statues and images, because they tell clearly what pagan religions teaches and how they are identical with the doctrines of the RCC. When we compare evidence of pagan history, so they are identical with it that what RCC stands for.











The papal tiara and Babylonian and Assyrian ruler's crown.





Picture 1. In the picture is the Black Obelisk of Assurian king Shalmaneser III so called Jehu relief, who performs oblation (drink-offering) to his god. Before the king is an eagle winged symbol of sun god Shamash. Shamash was Mesopotamian sun god that worshiped in Akkadia, Assyria and Babylon. Shalmaneser has in hand drinking-offering vessel and opposite stands a person who has above his hand  the sun disk, which is the symbol of sun god Shamash.

Relief portrays how Jehu king of Israel comes to meet the Assurian king. In the picture Jehu is bending down to the ground. The picture portrays very clearly religious ritual with drinking-offering and round sun disk.

When you compare this ritual with RCC Eucharist, so the elements are the same for RCC's priest gives from chalice wine and round wafer to Catholics during the Eucharist.

RCC criticizes among other things Alexander Hislop based on his book the Two Babylons, in which he brings out that the RCC's Eucharist roots are in paganism not in the Bible. Historical Babylonian hieroglyph from sun god ritual testifies that Hislop was on the right track, even he would be mistaken in some details.

Very often when someone brings out wrong teachings of the RCC, so RCC demands evidence and tries to distort those evidence with misinformation. If someone makes a mistake by giving wrong information about the Catholic Church, so RCC raises a big noise from it, but RCC doesn't want to make repentance for its own faults and wrong doctrines.

RCC has through out of its history murdered and killed people for the sake of its theology and it teaches numerous wrong doctrines, in which RCC doesn't want to make repentance. Does this kind of institution have any right to demand of others, because it is not willing to repent its own sins and faults?

Picture 2. The monstrance is carried in the RCC's Eucharist, because the origin of the RCC's Eucharist doctrine and practice derives from Babylonian sun worshipping. When the real disciples of the Lord Jesus are gathered to the Lord's Supper there is no sun worshipping pagan religious objects, because the Bible forbids idol worshipping and objects of idol worshipping. God commanded the Israelites to remove all objects used in the idol worshipping. Same thing concern also the people of the New Covenant.

Picture 3. Babylonian sun god Shamash is sitting holding his hand sceptre and ring, which are symbols of his rule and power. On the left is the king with his two servants. On the middle is an altar where is a large 4-point sun disk with rays. Babylonian tablet portrays sun wheel or disk, which is round like the sun and through this sun wheel they were in connection witt the sun god Shamash.

When you compare Babylonian sun worship ritual with RCC Eucharist doctrine, so you see that both have an altar where is religious sun symbol used in worshipping. According to the teaching of RCC the bread and wine of Eucharist turns by the priest to the blood andthe  body of Jesus and for this reason Catholics venerate and worship it also outside of the Eucharist.

Picture 4. Eucharist of RCC and and round wafer. Finnish Catholic saint Mary Church teaches for Eucharist on their website as follows (I translated text from Finnish to English): According to our Catholic faith the holy mass has the sacrificial character. The holy mass is simultaneously commendation sacrifice, praise sacrifice, memento sacrifice and atonement sacrifice of our sins. The sacrifice that Christ offered on the cross is one and the same sacrifice, only the offering form is different. The Church that is the body of Christ, participates its Head, Christ, carrying of oblation by celebrating the mass.

The mass sacrifice of RCC is not the same as Biblical Lord's Supper, but the ceremony and rite of pagan sun cult. The Bible teaches that the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus has been done once for all people, which was one sacrifice for sins for ever and no one can repeat and renew it not in any way.

According to the Bible a man shall be saved alone by the grace and by the faith when he confesses with his mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in his heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead. He shall have remission of sins who repent his sins and believe in the Lord Jesus.

Picture 5. In Vatican is St. Peter's Square. The square is built as the shape of eight ray sun wheel, which is a pagan symbol. In the middle of the sun wheel is a great obelisk that caesar Caligula brought from Heliopolis to Rome. In the middle of sun wheel is small four ray sun wheel having the same shape that has found from the temple of Baal in Hazor. Baal is pagan sun god. The sun wheel was used on the sun worshipping religions. In Babylon worshipping of sun god Shamash was sun wheel with four rayed star with sun rays. There was also eight rays sun wheels and so on.

St. Peter's square is dedicated to pagan worshipping. Sun wheel and obelisk patterns were familiar symbols  to the Romans and everybody knew that they were objects of pagan worshipping. Because RCC keeps on view these symbols, so it is evidence that actually RCC worships idols (sun god), not God of the Bible.

Picture 6. Picture on the left is Babylonian king and he has in his wrist sun symbol. Picture on the right is the pope and he has in his glove also sun symbol where id letters IHS. RCC says that letters IHS come from Latin words Iesus Hominum Salvator (Jesus the Savior of men).

Because both pope and Babylonian king have sun symbols in their hands, so we have very good reason to think that letters IHS mean Egyptian idols Isis, Horus, Seb. From Babylon began the first religion of the world, which spread from there also to Egypt and Babylonian queen of heaven came goddess Isis in Egypt. One of the symbols of goddess Isis is round sun between horns of the Apis bull. Thus it is not far-fetched to say that Isis had a connection to sun worshipping. Thus we can't exclude possibility that Catholic Eucharist wafer letters IHS are dedicated to sun worshipping.

This conclusion shall be confirmed when you look at the picture 6b, in which Catholic symbol is depicted as the sun symbol of which inside is sun rays and the middle is letters IHS. Letters IHS in pope's glove is in the middle of sun symbols with sun rays. If IHS means Jesus the Savior of men, so why the letters are in the middle of pagan sun symbol? The logical conclusion is that in question is from pagan sun worshipping and not Jesus.

Picture 7. On the floor of St. Peter's basilica has been written Pontifex Maximus, which is one of the titles of the pope. Origin of Pontifex Maximus is in Babylon. Picture on the floor is triple crown that origins from Babylon. In the picture is also Fleur-de-lis (lily pattern) representing union between a man and a woman and in the middle of this pattern is god, in which a man and a woman are united. In the picture we can also see the tail of a fish that has been cut, which represent fish god Dagon. In the picture is also a lion with wings that is Babylonian symbol. In the picture is also "keys of Peter".

When Medo-Persian conquered Babylon, so they took in use some religious rites and ceremonies of Babylon. A Babylonian priest escaped to Pergamos that located in Asia Minor. Babylonian priests honored Greeks Pantheon temple (the temple of all gods), but they still continued to practise Babylonian religion.

The Babylonian religion of Pergamos came to Rome A.D 133. Babylonian religion that came from Pergamos to Rome was so popular and common in Rome that Rome was called as the New Babylon. The title Pontifex Maximum take in use also Roman Caesar and later the bishop of Rome (pope).

The Babylonian religion of satan came to Pergamos and from there it moved to Rome. The New Testament says that satan's seat is in Pergamos and it was there because Babylonian priests moved their Babylonian religion to Pergamos. From Pergamos Babylonian religion came to Rome A.D. 133 and in that way Babylonian religion moved inside to RCC in 3th century.

Picture 8. The statue of Egyptian Isis goddess, in which on her head is Fleur-de-lis. Fleur-de-lis symbolize union between a man and a woman and their connection to god. Fleur-de-lis on the head of Isis goddess proves that Egyptians believed that Isis goddess was the way to god. Isis cult was also in Rome that worshipped as one of the many deities. Fleur-de-lis is depicted with many other symbols of RCC. RCC worships Mary and worshipping of Mary is in ancient pagan religions where were worshipped goddesses.

The Bible forbids worshipping of the pagan queen of heaven. RCC teaches that Mary is the queen of heaven. The cult of the queen of heaven and her worshipping is pagan idolatry that RCC practise openly by worshipping of Mary. Actually object of worshipping is the ancient Babylonian queen of heaven goddess.

Picture 9. Pope John XXIII papal medal, in which is words Pontifex Maximus that is a title of pagan high priest. On the medal pope wears a triple crown and picture 10 bring out that origin of the triple crown is from Babylon.

The Pontifex Maximus was principal of Rome's religion who lead high-ranking college of Pontiffs (compare pope leads cardinals). Members of the college were high priest Pontifex Maximus. other high-ranking priests, flames and vestals who were virgins. Pontifex means bridge builder and Maximum greatest. Symbolically Pontifex Maximus means that he is bridging builder between gods and men (compare; the RCC doctrine that the pope is the vicar of Christ on the earth). We can see very clearly how RCC has built the order of the Church according to order of pagan religion, which initial origin is in Babylon.

RCC is aiming to make non-Catholics Christians as Catholic by ecumenical connections. This goal comes into view  very clearly for example from Catholic catechism:

Catholic catechism: 819. "Furthermore, many elements of sanctification and of truth"273 are found outside the visible confines of the Catholic Church: "the written Word of God; the life of grace; faith, hope, and charity, with the other interior gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as visible elements."274 Christ's Spirit uses these Churches and ecclesial communities as means of salvation, whose power derives from the fullness of grace and truth that Christ has entrusted to the Catholic Church. All these blessings come from Christ and lead to him,275 and are in themselves calls to "Catholic unity.

Every disciple of the Lord Jesus should be clear that RCC's foundations are in pagan religions and not even one disciple of the Lord Jesus can't participate with Catholic ecumenism, because through it people are building on the earth the kingdom of anti-Christ, not the kingdom of God.

Petri Paavola 26.9.2014



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