Picture symbolism of
Roman Catholic Church

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1. Dagon fish-sun cult worshipper wearing fish head mitre. When you compare Babylonian fish head mitre with RCC Pope's mitre, so you see that they are identical with ancient Babylonian fish head mitre. The Bible denies that servant of God can't imitate or live his life according to traditions and ordinances of pagan nations, because those traditions and ordinances are an idol worshipping.

It is very clear that real servant of God doesn't use fish head mitres. In Babylon and other pagan cultures religious leaders (priests) wore fish head mitres. In Babylon, they believed that god is wearing the fish head hat in his head. Worshipping of fish god Dagon was very common Medo-Persia, Egypt, Assyria and Rome. Roman Catholic Church adopted fish head mithra (mitre) for Babylon religion. Dagon; Dag=fish and On= sun. Babylon priests worshipped the sun and used "holy" water sprinkling.

2. Kybele goddess, in which was worshipped on Less-Asia and Syria. In the picture, we can see fish head mitre in the head of Kybele and also pagan trident in her hand.




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