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Dividing the land of Israel – God answers with heavy rainfalls, hails and thunderstorm


The president of Israel Reuven Rivlin met with a high-ranking diplomatic Cardinal (Leonardo Sandri) of the Pope in October 3, 2019. In this meeting president Rivlin said Israel wants to share land, in order to find a path that would lead them into a peaceful co-existence with the Palestinians. On the same day, Thursday, October 3, 2019, Cardinal Sandri also met with Sheikh Mohammad Azzam Al-Khatib Al-Tamimi, leader of a religious Islamic organization and Al-Aqsa mosque, in Jerusalem. The Muslim Sheikh said the Jews do not have a right to be in the sacred places of Jerusalem. After hearing this, the Catholic Cardinal and another representative of the church stayed silent and neither commented on the Sheikh’s statement. The heavens did not stay silent and Rivlin and the Sheikh’s speeches were not accepted. This is testified by the sudden heavy rain, hail -and thunderstorm that hit Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria area on Saturday, October 5, 2019, which is only two days after Rivlin and the Sheikh had spoken against the word of God (the Bible).

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Statements given by the Catholic church and Muslims

God’s answer – thunderstorm in Jerusalem

Concluding remarks


Statements given by the Catholic church and Muslims

Vatican spokesman Leonardo Sandri met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in a presidential residence, where shared some discussions. Cardinal Sandri recalled that it was the 25th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the State of Israel. Sandri said this diplomatic relationship between the two countries has been a major step in history and hopes it can serve as a tool in resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. Sandri expressed his appreciation towards Israel and their allowing Christians to have freedom of worship, since there are many countries these days that do not grant such freedom to Christians, due to their persecution. Sandri was also pleased that Rivlin, President of Israel, accepts dividing the land of Israel.

Leonardo Sandri and his companions also visited the Temple Mount and met with Sheikh Mohammad Azzam Al-Khatib Al-Tamimi. Sandri held a speech, in which he cited Pope Franciscus’ talk from March. Like Franciscus, Sandri brought up the Catholics’ belief in the importance of preserving Jerusalem, the holy city, as a shared heritage of mankind, and most importantly, as the meeting point of three monotheistic religions, and as the symbol of peace, where mutual respect and discussion are practiced. Sandri said they wish absolute freedom of the holy city, so that it can be the city of three monotheistic religions, where everyone has the right to be, and worship who they want, so that the people in Jerusalem would pray God, the Creator, for future peace and brotherhood.

After Sandri’s speech, the Muslim Sheikh thanked him, but he also mentioned how Jerusalem is going through some tough times, because it keeps breaking and going against the Al-Aqsa mosque. The Sheikh emphasized the connection between Christians and Muslims in his speech and said that he supports the preservation of historic Islamic and Christian sanctuaries (he did not mention the Jews or their sacred places) by the agreements that were made before the 1967 occupation of Jerusalem.

The Sheikh mentioned how the co-existence of Islam and the Christians has lasted for 1400 years, but that they cannot forget the wars, and that they condemn those wars, which have targeted places of worship and innocent people of the holy city. The three religions of Jerusalem in Vatican’s message have now been reduced to two. The Muslim Sheikh said the Jews have attacked against holy places in Jerusalem, and that they no longer have a right to be there.

The Sheikh brought up a notable pact (pact of Umar) between Islam and the Christians (Christians here refer to Catholics), and it is called al-Uhda al- Umariyya in Arabic (it was concluded in 637 AD). The Sheikh pointed out how this pact accentuates the Muslims’ obligation to grant safety for the churches, their possessions, crosses, and any rituals they might have in their religion, in Jerusalem. Muslims will not conquer or destroy their churches, and they will not be forced to convert. And no Jew will live with them in Jerusalem. When the Sheikh had finished his speech, none of the Vatican representatives objected him, and they all stayed silent.

God’s answer – thunderstorm in Jerusalem

According to the Bible, dividing the land of Israel is rebellion against God, because God said He gives the land of Israel to the Jews. They have the right to live in an undivided Jerusalem, as this right was given to them by Almighty God himself. Israeli President Rivlin, representatives of the Vatican and the Muslim Sheikh are all in an overt rebellion against God, by sinning against God and the Jews.

President Rivlin said on October 3, 2019 that he accepts the division of Israel. Vatican spokesman Sandri said on the same day that he is pleased with Rivlin’s words and the division of Israel. On that same day, October 3, 2019, a Muslim Sheikh attempted to wipe Jewish history from Jerusalem and stated that the Jews have no rights to Jerusalem. On the same day, Vatican representatives accepted the Sheikh’s speech against the Jews with their silence. What was God’s answer?

Two days later, on Saturday, October 5, 2019, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria area were hit by a storm of heavy rain, hail and thunder. This storm was not detected in advance by any weather radar, instead, it hit suddenly out of nowhere. The rains came before they were expected, and they came with a storm. This was no coincidence, but God’s answer to people, who rebelled against Him. This heavy storm was not detected by any weather radars before it hit, because God created it to warn the people who rebel against Almighty God.

Concluding remarks

Throughout its history, the Vatican and the Catholic church (false imitation of Christianity) have attempted to obtain Jerusalem for themselves. Catholic church’s plan to obtain Jerusalem is in the following stage: Catholic church “accepts” three religions in Jerusalem, but at the same time supports the division of Jerusalem, where Palestinians would gain Eastern Jerusalem as their capital. The Vatican knows Muslims are not going to live peacefully with Israel, because they want to destroy them. Once a false peace is established between Israel and the Palestinians, and land is given to Palestinians, it will lead to incidents and war. The Catholic church would at that point appoint themselves as the guardian of Jerusalem, and they would guarantee peace, since Muslims and the Jews cannot live together peacefully. This is how Vatican would gain their dominance over Jerusalem, which it has long coveted and desired. This is the Vatican’s plan, and that is why its peace treaty between the Israelis and Palestinians through land division will be a devious betrayal. The thought of dividing Israel and Jerusalem is a sin before God and He will condemn anyone, who accepts and supports this division.

After accepting true faith in the Lord Jesus, the late ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera told, how Vatican attempts to guide the Islamic religion founded by Muhammed, and how their plan is to obtain Jerusalem through the Muslims. Their plans were not completely successful at the time, however. Rivera told how the Muslims and Vatican made a pact that Muslims would not attack against the Catholics and their churches. This account by Rivera has been under many doubts, but the pact of Umar in 637 AD revealed the truth behind Rivera’s words. Moreover, there are two passages in Islamic traditional knowledge (hadith) that say only two people have been without sin; Maria and Jesus. The doctrine of Maria’s sinlessness is a Catholic doctrine and the fact that it can be found in one of the most important Islamic texts proves that the Catholic church has modified Islamic religion. This also explains why Catholicism and Islam have found a mutual understanding, because that bond has been there since the creation of Islam.

When Cardinal Sandri spoke about the freedom of Christians in Jerusalem, this freedom mainly refers to Catholicism, because in these days Jerusalem does not tolerate true faith in Jeshua the Messiah, which does not abide by the traditional beliefs of the churches, but only abides by the true words of God.

What the Sheikh said was terrifying and shocking, because in reality, Muslim terrorists have caused problems in Jerusalem and Israel by killing Jewish civilians, including women and children. The Sheikh’s talk about the Jews not having the right to be in Jerusalem is utterly disgusting, and it is also rebellion and sin against Almighty God. Vatican representatives’ silence is a sign of agreement, because the Vatican covets Jerusalem and wants it to himself. Vatican uses peace (false peace) between Israel and the Palestinians as a disguise to gain dominance over Jerusalem.

In the Bible, God speaks through the Book of Zechariah (chapter 12), talking about the end of times, how Jerusalem is like a cup of staggering for the nations around it. The same prophecy in the Book of Zechariah also mentions, how nations turn against Israel (the Jews), but Jerusalem becomes like a stone of burden to all those nations, and those who attack Jerusalem will be destroyed. We live in a time where God’s words and prophecies about the end of times are being fulfilled. The Lord Jesus will come soon, as His second coming is very near. What is the best thing you can do at this time? I will give two answers to two different groups of people.

For those of you, who have been saved through the grace of God and believe in the Lord Jesus, be faithful to your Lord and believe in Jesus by the words of God, how the Bible teaches us. For those of you, who do not believe in the Lord Jesus, let Him save you. Once you believe in your heart that Jesus is the Lord and Savior, your sins will be forgiven, and you will receive eternal life through the merits of Jesus. Atoning blood of our Lord Jesus will bring forgiveness and cleansing from sin if you confess your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus (Jeshua the Messiah).


Petri Paavola 7.10.2019 (Translation from Finnish to English Miriam Paavola 8.10.2019)

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