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Errors of evolution theory


From the book of Charles Darwinin "The origin of Species" became principal work of evolution theory. Nowadays, scientific world view is mainly based on evolution theory. Majority of natural science researchers believes that the Bible is not word of God, and the creation story of the Bible is untrue.

People who believe to scientific world view hold on the Bible as a fairytale, which conflicts with natural science. The criticism of science world crumbles before the truth of the Bible.


The Bible tells that God created heavens, earth, plant species, animals and the man.  The Bible tells that God created animals after their kind before creating of the man. The Bible cancels the doctrine of evolution theory.

According to evolution theory, lifeless matters without intellect author have developed living life by coincidentally and by natural selection. Evolution theory teaches that lower life forms began self-guided to develop and generate more complex life forms, in which by billion of years' development and progress have become the present where the men live on the earth.

People who believe on scientific world view say that the Bible conflicts with evolution theory. This conflict doesn't mean that the Bible is erred, but that information about evolution theory can be untrue. In the matter of fact information of the Bible is true and evolution theory is untrue.

Birth of the life

Vital condition of the living life is DNA, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and so on. Chemical compounds must join and build exactly like in DNA is information that how the living life must be made. All living life need DNA the information that the life can be born. The human body and its organ builds up by the information that is in DNA.

Even the lower forms of the life need information that how to build, organized, and combine the right kind of chemical matters composition that all body organs, breathing and blood circulation works and maintains the life in the body. This process must be occurred very quickly, because otherwise the life would die.  

The teaching of evolution theory about billion of years development how the life born on the earth is not true. The forming of DNA, amino acids, proteins and everything else should have occurred very quickly. Thousands and hundreds functions should have occurred rapidly or otherwise in the next moment, the life would die. 

Forming of DNA is not possible without planning and intellect author. DNA has about 3 billion codes, in which is all information of a man, his body organs and color of his hair and eyes and so on. The whole genotype of a man is in DNA, which is like the microscopic computer full of the enormous amount of memory and information. DNA has the operating plan, which can direct the information in the right way that how a man should be built up, when he is in his mother's womb.

It is very clear that self-guided evolution can't produce without intellect author the system, in which three billions DNA codes organize the life of a man in the right form. Dead and lifeless matter can't produce intellect life. It is clear that these things can't occur self-guided without planning and intellect author. The only answer is the Creator, who has planned and built the life very rapidly. The Bible proves this by saying that animals, and a man created rapidly on the dust of the ground. The testimony of the Bible is more steadfast than claims of evolution theory.

The biological world is full of complex, co-operative mechanisms, which are dependent on codes and detailed instructions how to develop and work. It is also good to know that complex DNA code system doesn't develop as evolution theory claims.  If no one take care of complex system, and it is left to manage by itself without control, so the system goes more and more condition of disorder.  It is impossible that self-guided evolution without intellect author could develop the complex system like DNA.  The more complex system is so it is needed more intellect authors to plan and eliminate things, which try to dismantle and destroy the system.  It is impossible that self-guided mechanism could develop complex DNA structure without intellect author. The development through the life by evolution theory is impossible.

The body needs RNA molecules, because without them, DNA is useless. Code in the genes is needed RNA molecules, where all necessary information is coded to define specific amino acids of protein.  Cell must combine nucleotide to RNA. First units combine to nucleotides, which contains individual base and ribose. Cell must combine with units or amino acids, which polymerize to produce a protein. Every amino acid must be activated by certain enzyme. Every amino acid is thus combined another type of RNA, which is called s-RNA. There exist a certain s-RNA to every amino acid.  There is also another kind of RNA, ribosomal RNA. From the impact of RNA ribosomes accumulate as the unit called polyribosomes, amino acid s-RNA complex is needed to generate protein. Moreover, other enzymes and key molecules is needed. It is quite obvious that self-guided development without intellect author taught by evolution theory can't make such a complex system than a man is with DNA and RNA structure.

When the living creature dies, so the body still has proteins, fatty acids, enzymes, DNA and all other necessary to life, but after death, there is no life in the body.  How from the chemical matters could bear life without planning and intellect author? Researchers and scientist don't know this.  The Bible tells the answer by saying that Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. God planned and built DNA code and placed all proteins, fatty acids and enzymes working on a man by breath of the life. When a man dies, so the life of the body ends. God's creation work is only explanation that how the life has been born on the earth.

A supporter of evolution theory believes that abiogenesis, in which some use a term chemical evolution has produced the intellect life from the lifeless material self-guided without intellect author. By this they mean that intellect author hasn't made the process, but it has developed self-guided of billion years forming intellect life. This is impossible theory and eternal problem, which proves that the theory is untrue.

A supporter of evolution theory says that experiments done on laboratory proves that evolution is true and creation as untrue. However, the matter is conversely and proves that creation is true. Scientists have created synthetic cells on laboratory, which can divide. Evolutionists hold this as a proof of evolution theory.  Experiments were done laboratory circumstances, in which a man by his intellect mind built synthetic cells. Synthetic cells didn't bear self-guided without intellect author, but with the help of man's intellect mind. This proves for creation, because without help of intellect author can't bear synthetic cells. 

Proofs that have directed against creation overthrown and turn against evolution and proves evolution as untrue theory. This is the marrow problem of evolution theory, because its proves are impossible and always turn against evolution. Scientific research that needs help of man's intellect mind trying to prove that evolution has born self-guided without intellect author as the matter of fact proves creation as true and evolution as untrue. Scientific research should prove for evolution without help of intellect mind, not by help of intellect mind. If you try to prove that, something has born self-guided without intellect author, so you can't prove it by making it on laboratory. It should be born and develop self-acting without help of a man, if it has been born self-guided.

A supporter of evolution theory says that by the laboratory experiment is demonstrated how everything has occurred. He forgets that theory teaches self-guided evolution without help of intellect author. On the laboratory experiment has made conversely as teaching of evolution theory, because at the laboratory, that matter doesn't occur self-guided, but by action of an intellect man. Evidence and research show that creation is true and evolution is untrue.

A supporter of evolution theory tries to make up many kinds of theories defending his impossible theory.  On of his thought is that when has occurred acceptable circumstances, so coincidence or self-guided action could make development of evolution theory. He forgets that scientific laboratory research didn't prove birth of evolution by coincidence or self-guided action, but by action and intellect mind of a man. Evolution theory is impossible and can't be born under any circumstances.

Scientific research confirmed that creation by intellect author is true. Man could make synthetic cells by his intellect mind and action at the laboratory. Also God created living man with cells and DNA, etc. by His intellect mind. Scientific research proved for creation and showed evolution as false theory. Ungodly people can't see this fact, because believes lies, so he interprets scientific research untruthful.

I'm sure that you don't believe that painting about Mona-Lisa has born by itself, so that after long time paints self-guided splashed to canvas and began to form by self-guided portrait of Mona-Lisa. No one believe that kissing to frog it turns as the prince.  Those examples show how impossible evolution theory is.

Lifeless matter can't produce intellect life by self-guided action. Creation taught by the Bible is only possible explanation that how intellect life has been born on the earth. God created animals and a man. 

The world view based on evolution theory is untrue. Criticism against the Biblical faith and the Bible based on evolution theory has no weight. The Bible is not a fairytale, but books that teach evolution theory are all fairytale books. People who believe on evolution theory are guilty of classic error; who accuse other people groundlessly id very often guilty on his own accusations.

The Bible and DNA

When I wrote this writing to my mind arose thought that could it be that the Bible tells about DNA as evidence of the creation. When I study this issue from the Bible and sources of the Internet, so I noticed that God could leave evidence about DNA to the Bible.

In the Bible is not the word and concept of DNA, because DNA concept began to use about 1900 years after birth of the Lord Jesus. However, from the Bible, we can find the concept of DNA.

At first, we study little about meaning of Hebrew letters. The Jews have given to every Hebrew letter number value, literal meaning and symbolic meaning not knowing about DNA that God has coded instruction of the life into DNA. DNA is international letter combination, which tells information how the life will be built up. I believe that God has seen this matter already beforehand and has influenced that He brings evidence about DNA into view, which is His creation.

D-letter is in Hebrew Dalet, which symbolic meaning is a pathway, to enter. N-letter in Hebrew is Nun, which symbolic meaning is activity and life. A-letter in Hebrew is Aleph, which symbolic meaning is power, leader and first.

Hebrew letters' symbolic meaning is a pathway to power of the life; to enter life first; entering of the power of life. After the breath of life in the womb of a mother by DNA, the life of the fetus begins first to build up. I don't believe coincidence, but that God's finger has been along forming of Hebrew letters' symbolic meanings. The spirit of life influenced by God gives a man the power to live, in which also DNA and its information tells.

God has used Jewish nation by which He brought His word to the whole mankind on Scriptures of Old and New Covenant. God has influenced for the meaning of Hebrew letters (watch the link: Messiah Code). The word of God (the Bible) is primary evidence about revelation, divine message of God and the way of the salvation by the Lord Jesus. The nature also testifies from the works of God. However, the saving faith comes  by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (the Bible).

DNA in the book of Psalm

It is not hard or difficult to prove that the Bible is the word of God, because innumerable fulfilled prophecies of the Bible proves that the Bible is the word of God. Biblical creation account is only reliable source telling how the universe, and the life on the earth has begun. DNA structure of the men proves that the life on the earth couldn't have formed by teaching of the evolution theory.

DNA of a man comprises about 3 billion letter code pairs, in which are all the information with the details that how the life of a man must be formed (all organs, colors of hairs and eyes and so on). The living life needs DNA, the information how the life must be built and work. Forming of 3 billions letter code pairs by self-guided without an intelligence mind and planning is impossible. Billion years evolve can't form polymorphous life and build 3 billions letter code pairs, in which are perfect information and knowledge how the life must be built and work.

It is clear and obvious that self-guided evolution without the intelligent mind can't make so beautiful, accurate, genial and amazing structure as DNA. Self-guided evolution can't form 3 billions letter code pairs, in which is structure plans of the life. Only choice and solution is that the God of the Bible has planned and created the man and other life on the earth.

Psa 139:
13 For Thou hast made my reins; Thou hast knit me together in my motherís womb.
14 I will give thanks unto Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
15 My frame was not hidden from Thee, When I was made in secret, And curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
16 Thine eyes did see mine unformed substance (
golem), and in Thy book they were all written - even the days that were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. (JPS - Jewish Society Publiation Bible)

The Hebrew word golem means embryo, fetus and wrapped unformed mass. Golem derives for the word galam, which means wrapped together, to wrap up, fold, fold together.

When we study Psalm 139:13-16 in the light of the original language, so we can notice very interesting and remarkable information. Psalm 139:16 says that God had seen and made being of the man, which wasn't quite finished, and it was wrapped together. The structure of DNA is the double helix, in which two strands of DNA run in opposite directions to each other.

The Bible, the word of God tells that the life of the man begins as unformed mass that has been wrapped together. The Bible tells about DNA of the man. In the DNA's structure is the personal information of a man, which has not completely formed as of the man. The body of a man with its organs will be built completely according to the DNA information.

The most important message of the Bible is forgiveness of the sins by believing on the Lord Jesus, but the Bible has also many other dimensions of the truth. Testimony of the Bible about the birth of the life as creation work of God confirms that the Bible is the truth and the word of God. Because the Bible is undisputable truth and the word of God, so teachings of the Bible about moral values tell the people that what is right and wrong.

DNA and creation

Ge 2:
21 ∂ And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs (tsela), and closed up the flesh instead thereof;
22 And the rib
(tsela), which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

The Hebrew original text uses the word tsela which doesn't mean the rib, but a half and side. The Bible uses the word tsela to describe the other side of something. I believe that God took from the cell of a man XY-chromosome another half, a half that contained X-chromosome and doubled it for XX-chromosome and made a woman. The Bible says according to the original text that God took a half from a man and made a woman from that half.

God didn't cut the body of a man in two parts, but took XY-chromosome the other side and doubled it to XX-chromosome. God did the heavenly surgery operation, where He first anesthetized a man and sutured the surgical wound. God could make a woman in the same way as He did a man, but why He took a part out of a man and did from it a woman. Why did God work like this way?

The Bible gives the very clear answer to this: A man said, this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called  Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall join to his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

God teaches in His word that a man and woman are compactly one flesh. The one flesh means commitment by love and respect for the marriage. When God created a man, so He did from a man a woman similar as a man, however, different kind of own personality and opposite gender.

I believe that the Bible tells for us about the DNA. The Hebrew word tsela and its meanings tells us that into question is the DNA. The Bible tells that the word tsela means other sides of the things, side that is similar and copy as other side, but however, different.

This example gives a light upon the matter. Ship's hull has two sides, which are similar and copy one another, but different. Both sides of ship's hull are in a duplicate space, but different from each other. On the DNA, the things duplicate and copied. We can believe and understand that God told in the creation of a woman about taking out the DNA from a man.

The truth and salvation

The most important thing in the Bible is God's love towards sinner people and His salvation plan in the Lord Jesus. The Bible tells that the man is sinner and on the way to eternal damnation, but the Lord Jesus died for sins, and you can receive forgiveness of sins by believing in the Lord Jesus.

Repent your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus and God shall give for you the part in eternal life.




Petri Paavola from Finland


King James Version 1769
Vance Ferrell: Evolution Handbook





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