The Futile Sensation News versus the True Good News (MTV is a Finnish Media Company) posted an article August 19th, 2015 with a title "Couple held a girl a sex slave for five years- justified it with the Bible." Media has a way of reporting pointless news these days. By this, I don't mean to say all news is pointless, of course, there are meaningful news also, but the number of pointless news is increasing all the time.

I understand that the headline above attracts readers and it contains a confusing message, but at the same time it gives people the wrong idea of what the Bible says. The headline should have been "Couple held a girl a sexslave for five years- tried to justify their dreadful deed with the Bible, that does not teach nor condone sexual abuse."

Sexual abuse is always terrible and needs to be condemned. I'm sad for the girl who was abused and I wish her a happy life with all my heart. Often times sexual abuse destroys the victim for the rest of their lives. I hope this will not be the case with this girl.

It said in the article that the justification for the abuse was found first and foremost from the writings of the Old Testament.

The Bible forbids sexual abuse and does not encourage the practice of sexual sin, not in the Old Testament or the New Testament. This should have been made known in the article in order for it to be truthful, but because it was not, some people may get the idea that the Old Testament condones sexual abuse, when in fact it does not.

I've been following media for a long time and I have come to the conclusion that especially reporters with an atheistic worldview (not all) often write news having to do with the Bible, giving a false idea of the Bible as if it would condone all kinds of perversions and wrongdoings. The reporter's motive to write this type of article comes from the desire to twist things and to hit and badmouth Christians and the teachings of the Bible.

It goes without saying that the stuff described above is immoral. The most important aspect when it comes to the message of the Bible is how a person as a slave to sin, doing wrong to himself and others, is headed towards eternal damnation but in His love God has prepared us salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. When a person confesses his sins and repents through faith in the Lord Jesus, his sins will be forgiven and he will receive eternal life with God.

Because there are many reporters out there using the media to give a totally false impression of the Bible, I will bring forth the true nature of the Bible, which is one and the same with the nature of God.

The Bible is a beautiful book, for it is the love story of the Creator and His creation, of how the Creator loves His creation with an everlasting love. When a person responds to God's love by believing in Jesus, his life will be given a meaning and he learns to love his fellow man the right way. Faith and love in Jesus will keep him away from sin and leads him to live honestly in truth and love towards God and all people.

One of the biggest problems these days is the sense that we are not accepted, and abuse in all aspects of life. A person's value is measured by his works, not by who he is. God doesn't need us to be perfect, because Jesus was perfect. God doesn't need our accomplishments, because Jesus has fulfilled the whole law. God would not take pleasure in punishing us, because Jesus took the punishment for us. God wouldn't want anyone to suffer, because Jesus suffered for us. God wouldn't want anyone to die, because Jesus died for us.

A person can never experience greater love, than to be the recipient of God's perfect love. There are two different ways of encountering God's love in this world. God loves an ungodly person with perfect love, but the ungodly person doesn't appreciate it, doesn't even believe in God and despises Him and His word (The Bible). For this reason, the ungodly cannot experience the power of God's perfect love which would make him whole and heal all his deep, inner wounds, and because of this, his sin will eventually lead him to eternal destruction, unless he repents.

A person that believes in Jesus will experience and receive God's perfect love, which leads him away from sin that would destroy him. A person that believes in Jesus will experience God's perfect love, through which he will be made whole and all his deep, inner wounds will be healed, taken that he lets God do this according to His own will and at God's own timing.

At the end, I want to give a short summary of the message of The Bible. (The True Good News) using modern language and examples.

God created a healthy man in paradise. When the man fell away from God's will in paradise, he became ill with a disease called sin. The sickness is life-threatening, and leads to eternal death. The patient himself cannot see his death serious symptoms. The Doctor (God) is the only one who can show and prove to the patient the existence of this sickness called sin. The bearer or this sickness will carry this virus throughout his entire life in this day and age.

The heavenly Doctor, (God) diagnoses this disease in His great mercy. The patient will be made aware of his sins and through God's grace he will repent and he will experience forgiveness at the Doctor's (God) reception.

After this the patient will be given medication against sin and the treatment will be given under the loving and gentle supervision of the Doctor (God).

The instructions for the healing process:

The prescription given by the Doctor (God) has these following ingredients: Believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus, the blood of Jesus as a constant disinfection, the love of God the Father, the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, the presence of the Holy Spirit, prayer, God's Word, reading the Bible, praising and thanking God, living in repentance and forgiveness, having fellowship with believers and growing together.


The love of God, the Father, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the presence of the Holy Spirit, prayer, God's word, reading the Bible, praising and thanking God, living in repentance and forgiveness. All this preferably as a daily dose according to the strength given daily to the patient by the Doctor (God).


This medicine is recommended to be taken daily, otherwise the ailment will develop to be fatal.


If taken the right way, the medicine will have an impact and give the patient eternal life and full health. When the person arrives in New Jerusalem, he will have no trace of the disease, but he will be found completely cured. After this he will live forever more healthy and happy with God, who loves him.


Petri Paavola 19.8.2015 (originally written in Finnish and later translated into English)

33/38 Raamattu
Biblia 1776
King James Version 1769



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