Imperial fishing lodge’s magnificent appearance. Architect Magnus Schjerfbeck designed the lodge. Architect Jac Ahrenberg planned interior decorating of fishing lodge. Architect Sebastian Gripenberg authorized the building designs of fishing lodge.

Welcome to read and watch pictures from our trip 4.7. 2004 to Kotka to imperial fishing lodge.

I have born a sea town in Kotka in Finland, were I spend my childhood. My home was about 4 kilometres from fishing lodge. I remember when I went as a little boy to the fishing lodge.

Were I tried to create to my mind a picture from the life of imperial family. So it was very interesting to visit a place of my childhood imagination world with my wife and kids.

I have obtained a permission to publish the text and pictures of this site. You can also visit the official  site of imperial fishing lodge:

Imperial fishing lodge

Pages and pictures © Petri Paavola

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