Picture symbolism of
Roman Catholic Church

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1. Roman Catholic Church's Eucharist wafer, where there is letters IHS. Catholic church of Rome says these letters is for the Latin: "Iesus Hominum Salvatore", which mean Jesus Saviour of the people.

Circular breads (cakes) were offered also to the queen of the heaven in Babylon. People in Egypt worshipped sun and on the altars of Egypt were circular sun shaped wafers made from unleavened bread. Egyptians priests prayed above these wafers, to make them as holy. This bread represented the body of sun god and in middle were initialing IHS (Isis, Horus, Seb, Egyptian trinity). Then they told to the people, that miracle had taken place. They said that wafers have changed for the flesh of sun god Osiris and after it the nation ate its god. This Egyptian bread god ritual points out perfectly Roman Catholic Church Eucharist, in which catholic priests changes wafer for Jesus Christ. Catholic church's roots in Eucharist are in heathen religions and not in teaching of the Bible.

Because teaching of Roman catholic Church is exactly similar as in heathen religions, so maybe IHS letters are "dedicated" also to Egyptian trinity?

2. In the picture is one of Roman Catholic Church's coat of arms, where are in the middle of the sun and sun ray figure letters IHS. The picture is like directly from the worship of the sun in heathen religions, where there is with idols; Isis, Horus and Seb.

The Bible forbids all kinds of idol worship and using of idols symbols and so on. Therefore, is clear, that the church of Rome worships these idols, because they use those in their religion.







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