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You can send me any feedback (questions, criticisms, encouragements, requests of articles by subjects, etc..), because of many doings I can't answer to all received feedback.

Send your feedback here: petri(@)

I'm working full-time in the service of the Lord Jesus trying to teach all my brothers and sisters, whose servant I am,

Mostly, I write in Finnish (Suomi, as we call it) and have translated some teachings into English.

Welcome reader of my site:

If you find what you read on my site as being helpful and a Biblical article, you are more than welcome to translate it into your native language. If you send me your translation, I shall publish it on my site.

My site address: petrienglish

Needed details: Please, let me know the Title of the translated text and send me a copy of the original text which you have translated.

I can't pay you for the translations. God Himself will pay His Heavenly reward for the work and service which we have all done for Him, in this world, through His Grace.

God will bless you abundantly in the Lord Jesus (Yeshua), the Messiah.


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