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Catholic Church and European Union part 4

Jean Monnet was a devout Roman Catholic and one of the founding fathers of the European Union. Monnet rejected the idea that Europe should consist of independent nations. He believed in the Catholic conception and vision that Europe should become a federal superstate that would be a fusion of all ancient nations.

I know that many readers think that I write conspiracy theory based on imagination. This is not a conspiracy theory, because all people can  see and observe the connection of the Roman Catholic Church and the European Union, if they are looking this thing from the right viewpoints, which are based on verifiable facts. If you study the things fairly, honestly and an open mind, so you can see the handprints of Catholic Church how it tries to create Catholic Empire to Europe through European Union.

The Origin of the Europe's Integration

The Catholic Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini spoke in the European Parliament (1997) in a symposium on Remembering the Origins of the Process of European Integration. He said about the importance of a single faith (Catholicism), and emphasized that religions must not support nationalisms, and that Europe must recognize the "primacy of the divine". What he actually meant was that the European Union must recognize the primacy of the pope and the Catholic Church, because Catholics believe that God has given the authority  to the pope above all nations and kingdoms.

Martini also said and demanded that a new welfare state should be based on  the model of Roman Catholic social doctrine and that the European integration was ever about economic and monetary issues alone. Martini said: "The Europe we must build is a Europe of the spirit" and he also said:"If the process of European integration is not anchored in truly religious foundations .... it will seriously compromise the future of all Europeans."

Catholics think that the founders of the Euriopean Union were Alcide de Gasperi, Robert Schumann and Konrad Adenauer who all were Catholics. Catholics held them almost as the saints, because they were creating the European Comminity on the foundation of Roman Catholic principles. Some Catholics believe that the European Union is not just the creation of a man, but the creation of the God. Therefore, many Catholics believe that European Union exists according to Divine justification. This is Catholic viewpoint and because of that they try make from Europe as Catholic Europe, in which the laws of the nations should be based on Catholicism.

British Roman Catholic politician Baroness Shirley Williams said year 1975: "We will be joined to a Europe in which the Catholic religion will be the dominant faith, and in which the application of the Catholic Social Doctrine will be a major factor in everyday political and economic life".

The Catholic Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini spoke the same thing 22 years later than Shirley Williams. Martini used different words, but the message was the same.

The Roman Catholic Church has more power, contacts and connections shape and make Catholic superstate of Europe as many have thought or imagined that can it be possible. The Pope is the most active religious leader, who has more political contacts on the earth as any other religious leader. The Pope is the spiritual and temporal leader of Vatican State. The Vatican has very powerful influence in the global world. The whole networld of the Vatican has been built internationally very massive and wide. If the one world government would be established at any moment, so the Roman Catholic Church would have  dominance and leading position in this one world government. No other organization or state in the world has so widespread network (religion, economy, policy and so on.) as the Catholic Church has. The Catholic Church has secretly built its network as the goal to achieve world dominance. It has been successful because no one has been (some has seen) able to see that this kind of treachery and evil plan could exist.

The Vatican has the power and influence in the United Nations. No other religious leader has the same kind of affair with the United nations as the Pope has. Moreover the Vatican has huge fortune and wealth and by way of it the Vatican can carry on Catholic agenda. Many people don't understand how much power and influence the Vatican has and that its goal is make Catholic European superstate. The Vatican has extended its arms everywhere and try to fulfill its goal that a Catholic Pope must rule the world and the nations.

Some of the European Union's commissioners are Catholic Cardinals and some EU officials are the members of Roman Curia (the administrative unit of the Holy See). The current President of the Europan Council is Donald Tusk, who is a Catholic and his predecessor was Herman von Rompuy, who is a Catholic and a Jesuit. Why Catholics have occupied important offices and positions in the European Union? They try to ensure that the Catholic superstate will be established on a continent of Europe. All is evident and can be seen. We have to look to right direction and combine things and we can understand and see the reality of the Catholic conspiracy and plot.

The goal of spiritual and temporal power

The Roman Catholic Church has tried to create the whole of its history European Catholic superstate. The Pope John XXIII has said that all Roman Catholics must be in front ranks of the society in unification effort. The Pope Paul VI has said in 1975 on European unification: "Can it not be said that it is faith, the Christian faith, the Catholic faith that made Europe?".The pope Paul VI also said:"It is there that our mission as bishops in Europe takes on a gripping perspective. No other human force in Europe can render the service that is confided to us, promoters of the faith, to re-awaken Europe's Christian soul, where its unity is rooted."

The Vatican consecrated Europe to Mary in 1309 and declared that Europe is under patronage of Mary. The Catholic Church has different statues of Mary, and some of them have Mary with twelve stars in a round shape above her head. Catholic Mary wears very often a blue mantle. The Catholic tradition says that the origin of Mary's blue mantle is from 500 AD Byzantine and is the color of an empress. According to Catholicism blue is the royal color and color of peace and nature (sea and sky) and therefore Mary as the Queen of Heaven wears blue color.

Catholics have prayer called the Crown of Twelve Stars that has been sacred to Mary. In the prayer Mary is praised, and is said that Mary has clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and on her head a mystic crown of twelve stars. In the prayer has also from Mary; preserved from all stain of sin in her conception; how the Holy Spirit took her for His spouse; how she was exalted in Heaven above every living creature; that we may be freed from our sins and from the bondage of the devil by the merits and intercession of Mary.

There are twelve stars in the round shape in the European Union flag and its color is blue. Catholics have created the foundation for the European Union and therefore we can see almost everything the Catholic influence. European Union's blue flag with round shaped twelve stars are the symbols of Catholic Mary (Queen of Heaven), because the Catholic Mary symbol has blue mantle and above her head is twelve stars in a round shape. This is not coincidence, but the Catholic handprint and the goal to make from Europe as the Catholic superstate, that Europe would worship Catholic Mary (Queen of Heaven), because according to Catholic doctrine Mary also reconcile sins of the people. 

In the Babylon people rebelled against God of the Bible, in which they built the tower of the Babel, and the top of the tower was the sacred worshipping of the Queen of the Heaven. the purpose of rebellion was to worship the Queen of the Heaven instead of God of the Bible. In the Babylon, they tried by unification to worship the Queen of the Heaven as the one nation. Famous painting called the Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel is almost identical with the European Parliament building in Strasburg:

Symbolism is very important in occult circles. We can say that Roman Catholicism represents occultism, because it doesn't represent Biblical Christianity, but is the false imitation of the genuine and original Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church has built and is building treacherously the Catholic superstate of Europe. Symbolism is very important to Catholicism and therefore European union's flag has blue color and round shaped twelve stars, which is identical to Catholic Mary symbol. The Queen of heaven cult visible symbol is the Parliament building in Strasburg, which is identical with the famous painting of the Tower of Babel. The Roman Catholic Mary cult (Queen of Heaven) is not Biblical Christianity, but the religion of anticrist and the deception.

Zenit is a Catholic international news agency, which had the article (31.8.2003) called John Paul II Entrusts Future of Europe to Mary. The article says that John Paul II entrusted the future of the new Europe to Mary, as he concluded a series of addresses on his hopes and concerns for the Old World. Article continues saying that  the Pope placed Europe in Mary’s hands, so that it will become a symphony of nations committed to building together the civilization of love and peace.

It is not a conspiracy theory that some say the Roman Catholic Church's goal is to set Europe to worship Mary through the European Union. Verifiability of this fact is visible matter and it is the goal of the Roman Catholic Church. Why worshipping of Mary is so important to the Catholic Church? The Roman Catholic Church believes that God has given to the Church and the Pope, spiritual and temporal power that the Bishop of Rome (the Pope) would rule the world, because the atonement of Christ and the salvation can be obtained  by the merits and intercession of Mary. Catholics believe that the Catholic Church has been called to guard and maintain this universal plan of the salvation. For this reason the Roman Catholic Church tries to get people to worship Mary and therefore the European Union's flag is sacred to Mary accordance with the Catholic symbolism.

At first, no one is forced to worship Mary, but we can see from Catholic History that all who are under the rule of the Roman Church will be forced to be obedient and subject to the teachings and commands of the Roman Church. The Vatican's motto is Semper eadem (always the same), which means that the Vatican will never change and its goal is always the same during all the ages of the history. The short review of Roman Catholic history shows to us that how the Catholic Church is an oppressor where it has dominance over people. In the countries where the position of the Catholic Church is weak, Catholics have the strategy to win friends in high places and undermine whatever challenges the supremacy of the Roman Church. The Roman Catholic Church also tries to defame those people who reveal and expose the evil nature of the Roman Catholic Church.


You have heard the expression: "The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed". Very often and commonly many people think that the big lie can't cheat anyone, but perhaps very little amount of people can believe it. Many people think that only gullible people shall believe a big lie. Unfortunately the fact is that the most people live under the victims of the deceptions and lies, and they also support the deception, in which they live. Some of them support it through ignorance and some consciously. One of this kind big lie and deception is supporting of the European Union, because it based on treacherous plan to destroy nation-states and to create the European Catholic superstate through the European Union.

The supporting of the European Union is the same thing than treason and accepting the plan to destroy independent countries. The Catholic conspiracy, the Catholic superstate through the European Union is the fact that is proved and verified very clearly through the visible matters. I hope that you don't support the deception and lies, because every deception and lie sooner or later shall be lose and destroy and come to the shame.



Petri Paavola from Finland 21.4.2016


33/38 Raamattu (Finnish Bible)
Biblia 1776 (Finnish Bible)
King James Version 1769





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