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Here in Finland Abdirahim "Husu" Hussein wrote in his Uusi Suomi (New Finland) blog 14.8.2015 a writing called Finland, the most Islamic country in the world (Suomi maailman islamilaisin valtio). First, I want to say that my writing is not a hate speech and not racism and my intention is not raise anyone against Islam by violent actions. Hussein's writing is not true, but it is written in an infiltration style, in which infiltrator tries to identify non Muslims with Islam. The intention of this kind of thoughts is through the identification achieve approving of Islam. Approving of Islam through identification will lead approving of Islamic laws (sharia law) and Islamic worldview. And when this happens, so it ease the plan to take over Western society. The goal of Islam is to rule the world by Islamic laws and this has been throughout of the history Islam's goal.

Islam's plan to conquer nations under the reign of Islam consists of many steps. The first steps are sending infiltrators as moderate and peace loving Muslims to non Muslims countries where they begin little by little shape the thoughts of the people to approve Islam and Muslims. These infiltrators are like agents of Islam and they are making preparations of jihadism in a disguise of a moderate Muslim. I don't say that Abdirahim Hussein is infiltrator and agent of Islam, but what I'm saying is that infiltrators and agents of Islam are acting and doing the same things and using same methods when they promote Islam as the purpose of jihadism. Some agents of Islam behave like moderate Muslim who can say that they condemns jihadism, but it is only a plot to deceive Westerners.

When we read Abdirahim Hussein's blog writing, so we can see clearly that there are many contradictory thoughts, and you can ask yourselves that what are the motives to write that kind of writing.

Abdirahim Hussein says that he has grown to comprehension, in which Islam is the only and the correct religion. The Quran says that there is no other God than Allah. Here in Finland is freedom of religion, and every person can believe that his religion (whatever it is) is the only and the correct religion. The fact is that Finland and Islam don't share a common understanding about the religion. If Abdirahim Hussein still believes that Islam is the only and the correct religion, so he is in conflict with Finnish comprehension.

The fact is that we can't judge all people, the nation or ethnic group for the reason what the single person has done. And we must remember that we are all fallible. When the question is about the religion, in which people are doing extensive terrorist attacks, killing people and oppressing dominating women, so is the fault in people or the religion? The right answer is that the religion leads people to wrong behaviorism. If the doctrines of the religion would be changed to love and honor all people it would end the wrong behaviorism. Finland and Muslim countries are extremity in relation to terrorist statistics, because Islamic countries are on the top of statistics and Finland is in the last places. Finland and Islamic countries differ each other as the day and the night.

Abdirahim Hussein wrote that when he have observed all of his adult life the situation in Islamic countries, so it led him to state that none Muslim country don't treat its citizen as well as Finland. Abdirahim Hussein wrote that Finland gives opportunity to all people practice his religion. In many Muslim countries, Christians don't have permission to practice their faith, do not have permission to build their churches. In many Muslim countries leading people order to kill their own citizens if they don't believe in the Quran in the same way as leaders believe. Here in Finland Muslims have freedom to practice Islam if it isn't against the Finnish legislation. In Finland the authorities don't kill its own citizen in the streets as happens in many Muslim countries. Finland and Muslim countries differ each other as the day and the night.

Abdirahim Hussein admits that things are much more worse in Islamic countries than Finland. The fault is more in the religion than the people, because Islamic faith defines the whole life of a Muslim in every sector of the life.

Abdirahim Hussein wrote that Islam is rightful, equal and democratic religion, exactly like Finland. Abdirahim Hussein wrote that Islam advice to live in peace with other religions. This is true only partly, because in the Quran is two eras. In the beginning was Mecca's peaceful era and Medina's era of the war has cancelled the era of peace. We can find from this the evidence of the Quran.

Sura 9:
3 and an announcement from Allah and his messenger, to the people assembled on the day of the great pilgrimage,- that Allah and his messenger dissolve treaty obligations with the pagans. if then, ye repent, it were best for you; but if ye turn away, know ye that ye cannot frustrate Allah. and proclaim a grievous penalty to those who reject faith.
4 but the treaties are not dissolved with those pagans with whom ye have entered into alliance and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor aided any one against you. so fulfil your engagements with them to the end of their term: for Allah loveth the righteous.
5 but when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war; but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is oft-forgiving, most merciful. - Koran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Traditional Islamic theology teaches that Quran's Sura 9 is the last divine message through Allah's prophet. Sura 9 says that fight and slay (kill) the pagans (non Muslims) wherever you find them. Sura 9 order to curse the Jews and Christians. Sura 9 says that Allah has sent his prophet (Muhammad) to guide people to find the real religion, which shall set aside other religions.

Sura 9 is the last divine message of Allah and it is always in force, because it is the final and the last divine message. This means that killing of non Muslims is still effective and in force, and can never cancel and annul. Islamic extremist movements believe this and they are trying to take over the whole world. According to Sura 9 Islam is not rightful, equal and democratic religion, but warlike, oppressive, repressive and intolerant religion. Finland has no intention to achieve dominion over other countries, not politically or militarily means, not in any means.  Finland and Muslim countries differ each other as the day and the night.

Abdirahim Hussein wrote in his blog: All things that I have learned about Islam and its ideals are here (Finland) self-evident in practice or they are things that people are reaching for. At the same time in the world are Muslim countries, in which many preceding things are not possible. If some Muslim country violates human rights it don't mean that Islam violate them. If some Muslim country circumcise women and trample on their rights it don't mean that Islam accepts it. I believe that Finnish example is the best and nearest example, how Islam advice people to live. I see that Finland is the most Islamic country in the world.

Islam allows lying in certain situations, and in some cases it is acceptable and even desirable. The concept of al-tagiyya means permissible lying, in which Muslim can tell a lie preventing things that can damage Islam. Al-tagiyya gives to Muslim the right to protect Islam through lying. According to Finnish laws lying is in some cases a punishable crime. The Bible says that lying is a sin. None moral human community can't accept lying in any situations, but Islam accepts lying in some cases. The war for Muslims is the deception, because through war, they don't only defend themselves, but they can aim and strive to take over non Muslim countries.

Finland and Muslim countries differ each other as the day and the night. Anyhow Abdirahim Hussein says that he has seen things here in Finland, which he has learned from Islam. The reality in Finland and Western countries is very different than in Islamic countries and terrible things in Islamic countries tell a totally different story than Abdirahim Hussein has told to the Finnish people.

Islamic countries that based on the killings of own citizens, violating human rights, violating rights of women proves that the fault is in the religion, because the faith of Islam reigns the whole life of a Muslim. If there is someone who claims that Islam is rightful, equal and democratic religion, so he is not honest and don't want to see the facts.

The Finnish example is not Islamic example, and Finland is not the most Islamic country in the world. I don't know the true motives of Abdirahim Hussein, but his writing is provoking and totally contradictory, because Finland and Muslim countries differ each other as the day and the night. When we know the reality and differences between Finland and Muslim countries, so we can't identify Finland as the Islamic country. If someone identifies Western country with Islam, so I think that the authorities should practice surveillance and observe his doings.

I don't say that Abdirahim Hussein is an agent of Islam and infiltrator of jihadism, but his mode of action is very similar as jihadist infiltrator. How I can say this? The evidence shows the differences of Finland and Islamic countries and there is no common ground and the identification between Finland and Islamic countries. When someone has made this kind of identification, so we have the right to ask, what are the motives behind this kind of action?

Infiltrators use this kind of method:

If you want to achieve the change or bring forth negative thing as the purpose to get acceptance of the people, so identify them with negative things. If you are capable to identify them with negative things, so you have succeeded manipulate them to accept things that they have resisted before.

Many groups of people use preceding tactic, especially those who want to have acceptance of the things that people hold generally as negative and harmful.

I want to make very clear that I'm not a racist, and I don't hate any group of people and I don't have anything against Abdirahim Hussein. Abdirahim Hussein is valuable and important person as all people are. Personally, I condemn all caricatures and hate speech against Muslims. For me is very important that we as one another neighbors would have a dialogue based on the facts about injustice things in the world that some people are doing in the name of some religion or ideology.

The jihadist Islamic agenda has many steps to reach the goal to take over the non Muslim country. Those are for example behave like moderate Muslim, but step by step manipulate people to accept Islam and then is a radical way, in which non Muslims are being killed and terrorized by violent actions. A moderate jihadist Muslim is more dangerous, because he can "judge" radical Muslims actions and he is acting like a peace loving person. Some moderate jihadist Muslims take part in a very visible way in the society, some can be a politician or in some other respect position in the society. Their intention is changing peoples attitude and make changes in benefit of Islam.

All over the world where radicalized Muslims have taken the power they have begun to kill moderate Muslims and force them to believe in the Quran in the same way as radicalized Muslims believe in. There are two kinds of moderate Muslims in Islam. Some are agents of Islam pretending to be as moderate Muslims. And some are moderate Muslims that either don't believe in the Quran or they can believe in it somehow, but don't want to be radical and belong to jihadism movement. Those moderate Muslims are in troublesome situation, they either die or accept radicalized Islam.

Jihadists misuse incorrect and wrong tolerance and it is for them as a channel to carry out their jihadist agenda. Our tolerance must be such, in which tolerance never accepts wrong doings and always condemns injustice things. We have all seen here in Europe sexual assaults (taharrus gamae), rapes, gang rapes, killing of non Muslims and violences, which some Muslims have done. This is not the way of Finland (and other Western countries) and I can say that Finland and Muslim countries differ each other as the day and the night.

I don't want to generalize and my intention is not to say that every Muslim is a jihadist and cause terrors and violence, because it is not true. However, the fact is that Islam has caused throughout of its history in a large scale a lot of sufferings in the midst of their own people and among non Muslims.


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