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Holocaust the occultism of Nazis

The word Holocaust originally derives from Greek word holokaustos, which means holos (completely) and kaustos (burnt). Holokaustos word derives from Greek word holokauston, which means burnt completely to God as offering. Jewish rabbis translated Greek Bible called Septuagint, which uses Greek word holokautoma (burnt offering to God). The Jews used Hebrew word Shoah, which means destruction. The word holokaustos originally derived from the word Shoah, from which became the worldwide term of Jewish genocide done by Nazis during the second world war. This article handles Nazis atrocities and roots and backgrounds of holocaust and also Nazis occultism.

We should also remember that Nazis in Germany during the second world war practised occultism and made terrible atrocities. Ordinary Germans were not members of Nazi party and part of those ordinary Germans didn't support Nazis, but they had to live under the Nazi administration. Current Germans' citizens we cannot blame from the acts of Nazis, because current Germans are not guilty for Nazi crimes, and they are not responsible atrocities of Nazis.

Spiritual legacy of the first world war

Theosophy, "prophetic" divination and astrology were things which interested people during the first world war. Theosophy was the continuation of ancient Gnosticism. Gnosticism taught that secret knowledge came by the way of meditation and visions. Gnosticism was dualism, in which were two forces, good and evil, lightness and darkness, order and chaos. Gnostics held themselves as the people who have superior and the highest secret knowledge about spiritual things. At the end of 19th century Gnostic dualism began to affect on Theosophy. At the beginning of 20th century nationalists began to embrace theosophical thoughts and ancient Teutonic wisdom. Viennese Guido von List (1848-1919) held himself as the Guru of Germanic mysteries. List was worshiper of the nature, who said that the Alps and Danube were not merely objects of the nature, but also mirror of soul to Germany's past. List wrote about wheel of the sun (pagan symbol) and three and four corner swastikas, immorality of the soul, reincarnation and ordering of Karma. Those were the things which Theosophy taught. List thought that it was very important to write ancient Aryan sexual religion, which was the religious eugenic program, which purpose was preserving the pureness of race. Nationalists began to refine this ancient Gnistic sexual cult, which roots were in ancient religions, in which people worshipped Venus's goddess through sex orgies. Nationalist groups began to make the doctrine of race, which must hold as pure.

Thoughts of List got response and 1905 Viennese wealthy businessman Friedrich Wannieck and about 50 finance and economy elites began to plan research of ancient Teutonic past. Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels founded 1905 (officially 1908) Gnostic fraternity called Orders of the New Templars. To this secret society joined Viennese welläknown people, business people and people of army staff. Gnosis of Liebenfels was partly Christianity, Hinduism and the most effect impulse was Gnostic dualism, lightness and darkness. Liebenfels studied anthropology and zoology. Liebenfels came to result in that evil of the world derived from beastly nature of subhuman. Liebenfels thought that black race, Mongols, Slav and Italians were subhuman. He thought that blond people brought order to the world and subhuman brought chaos. Liebenfels believed that better and superior race descended from some higher divine race (god-race), who represented higher and superior intelligence and life. He believed that this divine race has the ability to receive higher and superior intellect. He believed that subhuman were lower fallen beast men. He also believed that Aryans came from the stars, which was the place where was the divine world order.


1910 in Germany was anti-Semitic movement. Members of this movement were patriots, nationalists and racists. They began to spread message that the Jews planned worldwide conspiracy, which purpose was set up the new world order, which displaced Germans. For this reason 1912 founded Germanenorden, where some members of the right-wing party decided that they need their own secret order, secret conspiracy, secret meetings and passwords as opposite to conspiracy of the Jews. Germanenorden was very close connection with Thule society.

There was not any conspiracy of the Jews, but those were anti-Semitic accusation and plot and as the result of this intrigue anti-Semitic winds began to blow stronger in Germany, which ended up to terrible genocide of the Jews, holocaust.

Occultism of the Nazis

There has been argued about occultism of the Nazis since crimes and atrocities of the Nazis were exposed to the world. Some say that Nazis were occultists and some say that they weren't. In this article, I bring up the matter that Nazis practised occultism and holocaust of the Jews was Nazis' burnt offering to their idol. It is very clear that Nazis cruel and brutal action of the holocaust (crime against mankind) was done under the influence of the evil force occultism.

Dietrich Eckart

Dietrich Eckart was early member of National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi party - NSDAP). Eckart was also writer, politician and journalist. Dietrich Eckart was a friend, a supporter and advisory of Adolf Hitler. Eckart put to use the concept the Third Reich. Concept the Third Reich based on esoteric mysticism and political history. Eckart believed that the Third Reich was the holy German-Roman emperor kingdom ruled by Aryans. Eckart discussed often with Adolf Hitler, and it is very obvious that Eckart's world view and occultist thoughts have a strong effect on Hitler's mind.

Thule society

Eckart was a member of Thule society, which was the esoteric secret society. German occultist Rudolf von Sebottendorf founded 1918 Thule society. Thule society was the society of research ancient Germanic, which researched the origin of Aryans.

As the matter of fact members of Thule society were satanists and occultists. Thule society practised black magic, rituals in which they did good as bad and bad as good. This means that they returned balance and holiness, which have been lost. Their rituals were communication with forces (intelligence) of the universe. By this way, they extended consciousness. Members of Thule society practised also sex rituals. Members of Thule society participated in seances (session of spiritism), in which they contacted guiding spirits and "dead people". Members of Thule society practised anti-Semitism and reacted hostile to the Jews. Eckart was anti-Semite and influenced also that Hitler became anti-Semite.

Ravenscroft wrote in the book (Spear of Destiny), that in the life of Hitler sexual perversions were central position, they were marrow of his nature, power source to supernatural faculties and motivation of his life.

Members of Thule society reached for supernatural power and energy with the aid of ancient masters. This power and energy would give to them power to remove subhuman from the world and create to the world new Aryan super-race.

Eckart's "guiding spirit" said that Eckart must train new messiah. Ekhart believed that Adolf Hitler would be this new messiah. Ekhart taught to Hitler occultism, occultist rituals and sexual perversions. Meaning of this was equipping Hitler to come new spiritual super-man. Dietrich Ekhard said in his deathbed 1923 next words: "Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him into the 'Secret Doctrine', opened his centres of vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers. Do not mourn for me: for I shall have influenced history more than any other German."

Hitler was trained into occultism and black magic. Hitler opened his mind and consciousness to "higher" levels with the aid of drugs and medicines. As the matter of fact he trained channeling with evil spirits. Nazis and Hitleräs occultism was same New-Age as demons deceive people nowadays. New-Age is ancient pagan religions' occultism, which have been updated nowadays version, but is ancient satanic occultism. Hitler surrendered to these evil forces, and at last he was possessed by demons. For this reason Hitler had the ability to hypnotize (mesmerize) people who listened to him.

Eckart trained Hitler with methods, which gave to Hitler self-confidence and self-confident, convincing oratory and body language, sarcastic sophistry and ability to hypnotize (mesmerize) his audience. Behind of all this was evil spirits, which was training Hitler to become as the messenger of evil, who was dressed in disguise of a benefactor. Hitler owned his book Mein Kampf to Dietrich Ekhart. "Guiding spirit" of Ekhart was a satanic demon, who deceived Ekhart and Hitler. Very often Ekhart spoke to other members of Thule society that he has got a vision (satanic vision), that he must prepare and train the man, whom Lucifer would inspire to conquer the world and lead Aryan race to glory and fame.

When Ekhart trained Hitler with the aid of his "guiding spirit", so Hitler was trained the most highest forms of black magic, sadistic sex perversions, sexual illumination, animal offering, sex orgies, bloody scourging, anal sex and evil witchcraft forces. Hitler opened himself to satan and dedicated his spirit, soul and body to satan and came possessed by evil spirits. Hitler was prepared as the vessel, which has become the den of iniquity of evil spirits, and now he was ready for fulfil genocide of the Jews, because evil spirits hate Jews the most of all. (In the end of this article I tell the reason of this).


When Eckart died Karl Haushofer became Hitler's mentor. Haushofer was dedicated to zen-Buddhism in Japan. Tibetans Buddhist priests (lamas) dedicated him into the secret of eastern occultism. It has been said that Haushofer had connections to Tibetan secret lodge, who knew secret of "super-man". Haushofer taught to Hitler methods of Tibetan priests and zen-Buddhism.

When Nazis rose to power, so they began to organise the research expedition to Tibet. Nazis also used symbol of the swastika, which is also the symbol of Tibetan Buddhists. Swastika is also the symbol of Hindus, Buddhism, Egyptians, Indians and Chinese. Swastika is one of the oldest religious symbols in the world. Arab-Islamist magicians also have used the swastika. Swastika was the symbol of the sun, which display spinning. Buddhists believed that swastika symbol brings good luck. Sanskrit word svastika means good luck. According to occultism chaotic force can call out and can change reverse force and swastika symbolize this. Nazis took the swastika as their symbol, because it was Tibetans symbol, and symbol of chaotic force, which can be change into reverse force. Nazis believed that swastika symbol brought good luck and through occultism they can bring chaos and destruction to the world (killing subhuman) and by this way they shall save the world and turn the world as "good". For this reason swastika was the symbol of the Nazis. Purpose of Nazis was signalling through swastika from the new occultist world order (the Third Reich), which can see only those who understand the character of occultism.

Legend from the Holy Lance (holy spear)

Legend from the holy lance has been born when Roman soldier pierced side of Jesus with the spear. Legend says that he who holds the holy spear shall rule the world and can decide destiny of the world as good and as bad. It has been said that Hitler searched this spear. The truth about spear is only mere legend, and it is not true. Spear which pierced side of Jesus is not existing anymore, and if it would be existing, it couldn't give power to decide destiny of the world. Legend of the holy spear has been invented to feed the curious mind of people to keep alive and excited curious imagination.

Occultism and sex perversions

Sex perversions, group sex orgies and homosexuality are matters, which have been always habits of satanic occultism. Some Nazis also practised homosexual activities and pedophile. Satanistic occultism perverts everything also sexuality of the man and for this reason some Nazis practised homosexuality. Homosexual perversion very often leads to pedophile. Some Nazis also abused little male child by pederasty. 

One crooked feature of satanic occultism is that it disapproves and condemns publicly things, which they practice secretly. For these reason Nazis also persecuted homosexuals and sent them to concentration camps. Nazis abhorred womanish gay men and adored men who behaved the masculine way, manly and soldierly. Satanic occultism perverted sexuality and their fantasy was the new world, with new ideas and phenomenon, which would be also free to practice every kind of sexual perversions.

Occultism and homosexuality

The story of the world's occultist history is also the story about homosexuality. Jewish religion and Christianity teach that homosexuality is abomination and sin, but pagan religions say that homosexuality is not sin or wrong. In occultist pagan religions' homosexuality was higher consciousness, which belonged to religion and political activity. In occultist pagan religions' pederasty and homosexuality were accepted habits, which were practised in general.

Shamanism has homosexual content. Many gods and spirits of pagan religions are signalling about homosexuality. Ancient Japan Shintoism temples have relics, which describe sex orgies. In China was worshipped the great mother goddess (Kwan-Yin) and to these rites belonged to homosexual rites. When Spanish conquistadors arrived at Central-America (Yucatan), so they discovered gay priests and "holy" statues and stone sculptures, which described homosexuality as "holy" act. Ancient Babylon, Sumer (Sumeria), Rome, Egypt, Karthage and Assyria accepted homosexuality. In Babylon was worshipping of Ishtar and Astarte with homosexual temple service, this movement affected also in Syria, Greece and many other places. In ancient Middle-East was worshiped Baal, in which belonged with the homosexual cult. They also erected high columns shaped like the phallus, because they worshipped the goddess of fertility.

Nazis practised satanic occultism with sex perversions, also homosexuality. In Jewish religion homosexuality was forbidden and sin and by Jewish religion influence was born Christianity, which also held homosexuality as sin. Nazis thought that the Jews were quilty that homosexuality and other sexual perversions were sub-culture and done by secretly. Nazis also thought that the Jews were destroyed the legacy of pagan religions. This was to Nazis one reason among many reasons to practice anti-Semitic activities, which ended up to the holocaust. In the end of times at the last days powers of the new world order lead the whole world to accept also homosexuality and those people who don't accept it shall be persecuted. Jewish religion and the real Jesus' disciples can't accept sin of homosexuality and for this reason architect of the new world order began to persecute Jews and the real Jesus' disciples.

It is very important to understand that homosexuality was very common and accepted in satanic pagan religions and for this reason also gay perversion gain a foothold in the midst of Nazis. In pagan religions was very common that a man was married with a woman, and they have a child and a man have also gay love affair to young boy or older men. In the same way, some Nazis were married, but also practised gay sex.

SS and occultism

Occultism of the Nazis affected mainly in SS. Heinrich Himmler was chief of Gestapo and SS, and he was an occultist, who was interested mythology, ancient Germanic, Hinduism and German mysticism. It is very clear that Hitler and Himmler were occultists. Hitler was trained to be "messiah" and the great leader (Führer). Behind training of Hitler were evil spirits and Hitler was possessed by evil spirits and his "charisma", speeches, being and source of life came from evil spirits, which at last destroyed him. Hitler's life was very similar as life of an occultist, who has been possessed by demons; in the beginning Hitler was full of energy and power and succeeded, but at last he became the wreck who killed himself. The same way happens to many occultists, who has given his spirit, soul and body under control of evil spirits.

Nazis founded Nazi party imitating Catholic Jesuit order. Nazis were also obedient and faithful to their ideology until the death. Hitler committed suicide, Heinrich Himmler committed suicide, Joseph Goebbels first killed his six children and then committed suicide, Hermann Göring committed suicide and Karl Haushofer committed suicide.

Demons took over the Nazis, who sowed horror and death. At last satanic powers destroyed Nazi's administration and the land of Germany. Evil spirits affected suicide of many Nazi leaders, and it was part of this plan as ritual murder, in which individual dedicated his soul forever to satan by his death. The plan of evil spirits is destroying the man and lead him to eternal destruction (damnation).

It is very clear that Viennese-German spiritual legacy in the beginning of 20th century shaped the minds of the Nazis and roots of this spiritual legacy are in ancient occultist pagan religions. As a consequence of this legacy Nazi's administration began to say that the Jews were subhuman, who planned conquering of the world and for this reason the Jews must be killed first that they couldn't kill Germans superior race. Nazis were bewitched by satanic occultism and for this reason they believed the evil spirits lies about conspiracy of the Jews and that the Jews were subhuman. Evil spirits gave to Nazis horrible power to kill almost 6 million innocent Jews. It is very clear that behind the power and source of Nazis atrocities were satanic occultism and demons. The Jews are not subhuman and the Jews did not plan to take over the world, that was crooked nazi propaganda.

Nazis and Christianity

Race doctrine about superior Aryans and subhuman rose partly also teaching of Darwinism, which Nazis said that the best, superior and strongest race wins and survive and lower, weaker subhuman must kill and destroy. Many Nazis were raised also as Catholic (Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and Göring). Catholicism made the Jews as the scapegoat of the history, who were according to Catholicism murderers of Jesus Christ. Catholicism made the Jews as scapegoats almost to every matter. Catholic anti-Semitism was also one reason among many reasons, which affected Nazis to commit Jewish genocide and holocaust. However, Catholicism doesn't represent Biblical faith, because roots and many doctrines of Roman Catholic Church are in pagan religions; goddesses worshipping. One of the most well-known heretic doctrines of Roman Catholic Church is the doctrine about Mary as the queen of the heaven. Adolf Hitler and Nazis sucked anti-Semitism impulses from Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther wrote the book "On the Jews and their lies", which is deeply anti-Semitic book, which is full of hatred towards the Jews. Hitler expressed a great admiration for Martin Luther. Hitler liked a lot of this anti-Semitic book. Luther's influence of Nazis' anti-Semitism was quite large. It is very obvious that Martin Luther affected anti-Semitism in Hitler and Nazi administration. Nazis were anti-Semitic persons. Destroying of the Jews, genocide and holocaust depended on many kinds of roots, backgrounds and matters.

Luther's book "On the Jews and their lies" is very anti-Semitic, in which Luther said that the Jews are accursed; that synagogues or schools of the Jews must be burnt, that homes of the Jews must raze and destroy, Luther wrote that Jewish rabbis must forbid to teach their doctrines henceforth on pain of loss life (death), Luther wrote that the Jews can't practice in some places business and trade, Luther wrote that all cash and treasure of silver and gold be taken from the Jews, Luther said that if his counsel does not please, find better advice, so that we all can be rid of the unbearable, devilish burden of the Jews. Luther's anti-Semitic book from the Jews was as direct taken of those acts what Nazis practised against the Jews. We can find clear equals viewpoints of Luther and Nazis for the Jews. Hitler liked anti-Semitic book of Luther. Luther also advised to kill the Jews in certain kind of situations. Very terrible text from the man called "the Reformer".

The real and health Biblical faith doesn't represent anti-Semitism, because the Bible teaches to bless, to love and pray prosperous in Israel. Roman Catholic Church and Martin Luther represent bu way of anti-Semitism evil forces, not the will of God. It has been said that in the last moments Luther would be repented that he ever wrote the book called "On the Jews and their lies". If he repented it is good for him, but when the book has been published and is distributed as the worldwide, he cannot undo his book. It is very sad in this true story of Luther's life that he was "The Reformer", but he made such horrible book, which has been for many people as the seed to commit terrible evil and satanic acts. Unfortunately, this miserable book affected Nazis to practise anti-Semitism.

Some people try to claim that Hitler and Nazis were Christians and believed Christian values. Hitler and many Nazis were raised as Catholics. Hitler and Nazis didn't believe teachings of the Bible and in Jesus Christ, but religious propaganda. Although Hitler has spoken about Jesus Christ, that doesn't make him as Jesus' disciple. Buddhists and Hindus also talk about Jesus Christ and say that Jesus was the great teacher, but yet they don't believe that Jesus was and is the Lord, Saviour and the Messiah, who forgives sins and eternal life. Hitler wasn't born again believer, but he abused Christian terminology by propping up his own ego and credibility as "great" leader of Germany's nation.

Hitler's anti-Semitism

Hitler read thoughts of Karl Lueger (1844-1910) and he convinced that anti-Semitism was right. Karl Lueger was the member of Christian Social Party (Christlichsoziale Partei), which was anti-Semitic Lutheran political party. Hitler became so convinced about correctness of anti-Semitism, that He said like this: "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord."

Anti-Semitism led Hitler to final result that Nazis accomplished genocide of the Jews, the holocaust. Hitler didn't act according to the will of God, because Jesus Christ did not command to kill anyone, but love our neighbours and enemies. Activities of Hitler and Nazis prove that didn't believe the message of the Bible, but evil spirits deceived them to accomplish terrible atrocities. Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf about the Jews like this way: "the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew". Hitler's anti-Semitism was deception of evil spirits, in which evil spirits lead Hitler to hate the Jews and accomplish genocide of the Jews, the holocaust. It is very clear that Hitler was not Bible believer Christian, but an occultist who distorted the message of the Bible, that he would get "justification" to his atrocity.

Inside of Roman Catholic Church has been individuals who haven't supported anti-Semitism, but despite that Roman Catholic Church has been strongly anti-Semitic organization. Anti-Semitism of Roman Catholic Church influenced also strongly to Hitler.

Hitler's anti-Semtism influenced strongly occultist Eckart, Roman Catholic Church's anti-Semitism and also Luther's anti-Semitic book. Roman Catholic Church practised same anti-Semitism as satanic occultists. It is very clear that same satanic spirit of anti-Semitism influenced both occultists and Catholics. Evil spirits deceived Catholics, occultists, Luther and Nazis practice anti-Semitism. Hitler bumped anti-Semitism by occultism, distorted Roman church and Luther's anti-Semitic book. Hitler convinced for anti-Semitism, because he bumped on it everywhere and Hitler accepted anti-Semitism as consequences, which we know in a terrible way from the history. Hitler's anti-Semitic roots are in occultism and perverted Roman Church Christianity.

Anti-Semitism of Roman Catholic Church

4th century Catholics' emperors of Rome decreed that if some Christian converts to Judaism and if Jews obstruct conversion of other Jews to Christianity, they have deserved the death penalty; and Jews can't marry Christians, or hold public office, or own slaves (servants).

During the first crusade Jews communities were destroyed. Jews were forced to undress naked and only those survived and stay alive who accepted to become baptised with baptism of Roman Church. Crusaders thought that the Jews were enemies of God and Jewish race was more inimical to God than any other race. The Fourth Lateran Council 1215 decreed that the Jews must wear differently as other people. Reason was that nobody wouldn't have mistaken to associate or practice deeper connection with the Jews. Through dressing could separate the Jews and no confusion happened. 13th century Catholic Church ordered that Jews must wear the round patch in their clothes, that everyone could recognise them. If some Jew was caught without the patch, he lost his clothes. Roman Catholic Church has expelled the Jews from many countries. Pope Leo XII ordered 1826 that the Jews must confine to ghettos and their property must confiscate. Roman Catholic church confined the Jews to ghettos already in 13th century.

If we look accurately acts, which Roman Catholic Church has done against the Jews, so we notice that they are the same acts that Nazis have done against the Jews. Roman Catholic Church and Hitler felt that they were doing work of God when persecuting the Jews. Roman Catholic Church killed the Jews, Nazis also killed the Jews; Roman Catholic Church forced Jews to wear distinguish patches in their clothes, Nazis did the same; Roman Catholic Church believed that Jewish race was more inimical to God than any other race, Nazis believed that the Jews were subhuman who must be killed and they killed the Jews and Hitler thought that he was doing work of God when he was practising anti-Semitism. It is very clear that Nazis borrowed Catholic methods when they during the second world war committed genocide of the Jews, the holocaust. Nazis and Catholics have identical roots of anti-Semitism. Roman Catholic Church practised anti-Semitism earlier as the Nazis and Nazis used Roman Catholic Church anti-Semitic methods. It is very clear that anti-Semitic history of Roman Catholic Church displays that Roman Catholic Church fruit is decayed and impregnated with evil.

Vatican in the second world war

Vatican was the first "state", which recognized Nazi-Germany's Third Reich. There is saying that Pope Pius XII was Hitler's pope. Pius XII acted visibly for the peace during the second world war and condemned also acts of Germans, but Pius XII close his eyes from deportation of the Jews years 1940-1942. In December 1942 Pius XII gave finally affirmative statement under pressure of Allies and then Pius XII said publicly murderers of the Jews were criminals, which must punish. 1940 Pius XII spoke against destructions, but didn't dare to name Nazis as criminals. Only 1942 December Pius XII has courage to say Nazis as criminals. September 1942 Pius XII gave a statement where he said that it was impossible to confirm rumours of Nazi atrocities and genocide against the Jews. The truth is that Vatican knew at that time genocide of the Jews. Vatican played the game where they were at the same on the half of Nazis and the Jews, but publicly they take up a position to defend the Jews in December 1942. Attitude of Pius XII comes into view 1941, when he said that Catholic Church condemns racism, but not rejects all orders, which are against the Jews. These orders are anti-Semitism of Catholic Church, which they practised whole time during the existence of Roman Catholic Church.

1943 Autumn Nazis invaded to Italy and Pius XII knew that soon begins Italian Jews deportation. Vatican knew the destiny of the Jews and Vatican concealed 477 Jews and 4238 were concealed to Roman monasteries and convents. However, October 16 Nazis arrested 1007 Italian Jews, from which 811 individuals killed immediately in Auschwitz. Only 16 of 1007 Jews survived.

2000 international Catholic-Jewish Historian Commission published the report "Vatican and the Holocaust". According to the report, the claim that Pius XII didn't understand seriousness of the Jews' situation during the second world war, but this claim proved to be inexact. Several documents proved that Pius XII was aware anti-Semitic acts of the Nazis. According to the documents Pius XII knew already acts of Nazis in January 1941. 1942 Pius XII received information genocide of the Jews in Lwow, but Pius XII didn't response. Commission exposed that Vatican didn't do enough in order to help the Jews to escape from the Europe. According to the commission Vatican didn't support the idea during the war that Palestine would be the home of the Jews, although Vatican claimed so. According to the report, some Vatican officials risked their career by helping the Jews, but the most Vatican officials didn't help the Jews.

According to the ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera (Catholic Church killed him) Vatican played the game, where it ensured favour of the Nazis by being silent about the holocaust, if Germany would win the war. If Germany would lose the war Vatican concealed the Jews and could say that we protect the Jews. Vatican infiltrated to Protestant churches and these "agents" of Vatican betrayed the Jews to Gestapo, which sent them to death camps. When we see acts and attitude of Vatican during the second world war, so we can see that testimony of Alberto Rivera is very close to the whole truth. According to the prophetic word of the Bible in the end times Ecumenical Catholic Church shall betray again the Jews and shall accept persecuting of the Jews by playing very similar game as Pius XII during the second world war.

Extermination of the Jews

Nazis spread propaganda by saying that "the world can be saved if we exterminate the Jews". This propaganda was the occultist message of the Nazis, in which they made "bad" as "good". In these way Nazis spoke about Aryan race doctrine, but in the background was the occultist world view, where satanic demons possessed Adolf Hitler and Nazi administration. The holocaust, genocide of the Jews was the Nazis' occultist burnt offering to demons. During the history satanic religions and sects have been offered people to satan. Ancient Cananite's tribes and some Western-Asia tribes practised rituals, where they killed people as the human sacrifice. The Bible says that people burnt people as the burnt offering to Moloch. We can see from the Bible that ancient Cananite's tribes burnt people (usually children) as offerings to their idols.

Swastika was also as the sun symbol in pagan religions. The Bible says that tribes the Canaan burnt offerings to Baal (divine male character), to the sun, moon, stars of the Zodiac and to all troops of the heaven. Swastika was also the symbol of the Nazis, which signalled pagan occultism. Tribes in the land of Canaan burnt offerings to Baal, whom they believed to be male divinity. Nazis held Hitler as a messiah (male divinity). Satanic occultist powers (demons) deceived Hitler, who believe that he was male divinity, messiah. It has been said that Hitler began to "save" the world, when he was 30 years old, which was the age messiah to begin his mission. Hitler also spoke that he shall establish the kingdom of thousand years. In the same way as there have been burnt people as offerings to Baal, so Nazis offered the Jews as offerings to Hitler, who were their messiah and leader (Führer). Nazis killed also gypsies, Polish, Russians and so on, but the Jews was their main target, which demons demanded to kill.

Why satanic demons wanted to destroy the Jews?

The Bible gives an answer to this question. The Bible says that God created the man, who fell into sin in the paradise by the trap and temptation of satan. The Bible teaches (Eze 29) that satan was the cherub, which fell into sin and satan filled with violence, and he corrupted his wisdom and beauty and for this reason satan shall be a terror. Because of his fall, he (satan) became evil, who hates people whom God had created and for this reason satan want to destroy all people. Behind terror and violence of Nazis are evil spirits, who deceived Nazis to worship satan through satanic occultist religions and ideas.

The Bible teaches (2 Tim 2:26) when the man fell into sin satan captives him to make his (satan) evil will. Because of this every person is slaves of sins and under the power of satan. Consequence of this is eternal damnation, unless if the people repent and believe in Jesus Christ for remissions of sins.

Evil spirits know that if the Jews as the nation shall believe in Jesus Christ, so the Lord Jesus returns and establish the thousand-year kingdom. For this reason satan want to destroy all the Jews, because he wants to prevent fulfillment of the will of God. The will of God is saving the nation of Israel and after this Jesus shall return as the Prince of Peace. Evil spirits want to prevent this and for this reason they have provoked people against the Jews throughout of the history. For these reason Nazis tried to destroy the Jews during the second world war, because in the plans of God was leading Israel back to his own land. Officially state of Israel accepted 1948 and Israelites have begun to return (Exodus) to land of Israel, which God has promised given to them. God has promised to bring back Israelites to the land of Israel and save them in the last days (Eze 11:17; Hosea 3:5).

Victory of God and final salvation

Nazis practised occultism during the second world war and by that occultism Nazis made good as bad and bad as "good". In the same way in the end of times demons deceive the mankind under iniquity, where good things are bad and bad things are "good". For this reason in the mankind is happening changes all the time, in which good values are trampled to the ground and people choose bad values. All which represent good and things created by God, so evil spirits say that they are bad things. In the end of times satanic evil says that evil is "good" and for this reason in the last days people are running after evil things, sex perversion, homosexuality and all kinds of sins. Nazis were under the yoke of satanic sex perversions and same shall happen in the last days, where the satanic new world order accepts practising of all kind sex perversions.

During the second world war evil spirits destroyed Nazis and in the same way shall happen in the last days, when demons destroy all people who worship and accept the satanic new world order. In the beginning, this satanic new world order, the beast and anti-Christ promise great things, but in the end, they shall destroy all those who have believed to this evil system. The last days satanic new world order is the creation of evil spirits, in which are involved the beast kingdom, anti-Christ, illuminates, masons, ecumenical religions, New-Age groups, secret societies, rich and powerful people and every individual who is obedient to satanic new world order.

Evil spirits tried to destroy the Jews by the help of Nazis during the second world war, and their goal was taking over world dominance (economic, political, military and occultist religion). The Bible teaches that in the end of times shall rise Allies of the beast and anti-Christ to rule the world by satanic new world order. Their goal is the same as Nazid had and their means is very similar as Nazis had. In the end of time Allies of the beast and anti-Christ have surrendered to serve satan, who gives all powers of evil to them, all power of occultist and satanic power. Consequence of this is that they begin to hate and persecute the real Jesus' disciples and nation of Israel. Hatred and persecution rises because the real Jesus' disciples know the truth, and they love God and the nation of Israel shall be saved to believe in Jesus Christ. Finally, God shall destroy satan's intentions and the Lord Jesus shall return to the earth as the Prince of Peace.

The Bible teaches, that, (Deut 4:26-31; Zec 12 chapter; Zec 13 chapter) in the end of times the third part of Israel's nation shall be saved believing that Jesus is the Messiah and two part of the Jews shall die. The Bible teaches also that the whole turns against Israel and many armies of the Gentile nations attack to Israel, but in the end God destroy all attackers. When the third part of Israelites shall be saved after that the Lord Jesus returns and rule in the world as the Prince of Peace thousand years. After thousand years period comes God's great judgement day, where all people are judged according to their works; wicked ones shall be judged to eternal damnation and children of God to eternal life in New Jerusalem (Rev 19-22). It still is left time of grace, and you can repent your sins and believe in Jesus Christ for remission of sins, that you could have participation to eternal life with loving God.

Anti-Semitism shall rise up of its head in the last days and persecution of the Jews unfortunately begins again. Praise to God, that nation of Israel shall be as the great blessing to mankind, when they turn to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. After this event, the Lord Jesus returns to the earth as the Prince of Peace. The Bible advice to pray peace for Jerusalem and to bless the nation of Israel. God has given to my heart nation of Israel, and I shall bless Israel with all of my heart and rejoice that every promise of God relating to Israel shall be fulfilled. I bless Israel with these words:

Nu 6:
22 ¶ And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
23 Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them,
24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:
25 The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
26 The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
27 And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them.

Petri Paavola from Finland


Finnish Bible 33/38
King James Version 1769
Online Bible Hebrew/Greek Lexicon


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