Planned and organized sexual assaults


Recent incidents in the Europe concerning sexual assaults practiced by immigrants and asylum seekers are not merely coincidences, but precisely considered sexual assault as the purpose to cause confrontation between immigrants and citizens of the country. Who shall benefit from this kind of activity? Islamic extremist movements shall benefit this kind of activity, because through confrontation they can recruit new members when in different countries against immigrants is raising negative thoughts. Through confrontation Islamic extremist movements shall "justify" their "holy war" against the Western countries.

I have to bring forth that all immigrants and asylum seekers are not guilty to sexual assaults. It is wrong to generalize and defame all immigrants for the sake of some immigrants malicious and evil deeds, because all immigrants have not made these horrible actions. Generalization and defaming can easily lead to negative attitudes,  enmity and uncontrollable violence between immigrants and citizens of the country. This is the goal of Islamic terrorists and extremist movements. Terrorists and member of extremist movements know that when they touch and disgrace the women of the nation through sexual assaults and rapes (mass rape), so it very easily provokes hostility and a cycle of violence in the Western world, because every nation defend and protect their children and women till the last breath.

In the different parts of the Western world is going on very similar activity, in which large mass of immigrants and asylum seekers men commit sexual assaults towards underage girls and women. This is planned and organized terror against western women. Behind the plan is an Islamic extremist movements, because almost every cases the Muslims have been behind sexual assaults. This doesn't mean that all Muslims are doing these despicable, dirty and rude sexual assaults. But the fact is that a recent mass sexual assault has been made by members of Islamic extremist movements and those Muslims who support thoughts of these extremist movements people.

We can describe this situation that in many European countries is going on planned and organized terrorist attack towards the Western countries, in which the weapons are sexual assaults and raping of the women. The situation cannot solve by ordinary people street patrols, because Western extremist movements people are willing to practice this kind of activity and it shall end up to violence and anarchy in the streets. The western extremist people very likely commit violent acts, in which they beat up innocent immigrants and asylum seekers. Of course, every kind of violent activity is wrong and the duty of the authorities is guaranteeing the protection and safety of the citizens. Of course, ordinary people's street patrolling are acceptable if it doesn''t lead to violent activity.

The sudden solution of the situation would be that kind of, in which the police would get more resources in the streets and security service or other security professionals would patrol in the streets. This would prevent sexual assaults and other criminal acts in the streets. Very important would be that in Europe every country requires immigrants and asylum seekers to obey Western laws and they would sign an integration agreement and if he break the law and commit sexual or other crimes so he would exile away from the country where he has come as an immigrant.

This kind of integration agreement  would cause that the most criminal people and those who have wrong motives to immigrate as asylum seeker would not come to the country, which would exile him. The wrong tolerance and slackness of the authorities in some European countries make such kind of frames, which gives favorable circumstances to asylum seekers  who belong to extremist movements or support the thoughts of those movements to practice sexual assaults and other criminal activity. Terrorist shall benefit from the weak and easily wounded administration. Therefore, the countries of Europe should fast set their administration, laws and decrees to work in a way as soon as possible that terrorists and criminal people would be very difficult to immigrate to Europe.

Many European authorities of the societies have made wrong decisions and solutions in immigration policy. Many people in Europe have correctly and properly brought forth how the Europe shall be driven to big problems through wrong immigration policy. People who have given correct and proper critics of the wrong immigration policy have been labelled as racist and intolerant misanthropist. Into question has not been racism, but that the wrong immigration policy will cause big problems in the Europe, which can escalate as anarchy and a cycle of violence. If the Europe doesn't very soon find the right kind of solutions, so the Europe will come as the zone of terror and bloodshed.

Very often I heard saying, which says that is useless trying to find the guilty ones, because more important is rectify the mistakes and fix the problems. However, it is necessary to find the fault and who has done it, because in that way we do not repeat the errors. It is also responsible that if someone makes a mistake, so he admits it and fix it. It is evident and very clear that all authorities in Europe haven't worked in a right way in the immigration policy and because of their errors Europe is all the time facing bigger problems. Now is the time to rectify the things in the right places and if the authorities in the Europe doesn't make the right decisions, so European extremist movements take over the streets of Europe, which ends up to bloody combat between immigrants and Europeans.

If the authorities of Europe doesn't fill their posts in a right way and are incapable to guarantee security of Europeans, so the ordinary people and extremist movements of Europe will take the guns and the law in their own hands and the result of this is anarchy, chaos and a cycle of violence. Personally, I don't support the violence, not in any situation, but if the authorities of Europe don't make very soon the right solutions, so the Europe will face the era of bloodshed and anarchy.

We must have the courage to say that Islamic extremist movements and their supporters are practicing organized terror in Europe. After sexual assaults the next step can be terror equipped with weapons. Islamic extremist movements have a very clear plan that they are following. Through asylum seekers and immigration they have invaded inside the enemy land, in which they are precisely carrying out their plan to destroy the Western countries. In European countries cannot be high threshold to exile terrorists and sexual perpetrators, but if there is evidence against them, so the deportation must be done immediately. If Europe doesn't make the right decision, so the peace in the societies is only history and Europe will face the same kind of violence and terror as Islamic countries, in which extremist movements are in power and try to maintain their power through violence, terror acts and deterrents.

In Europe occurred several sexual assaults during New Year's Eve, in which asylum seekers practiced sexual assaults towards European women. Many European (I'm also) thinks that sexual assault made by asylum seekers is planned and precisely considered, but still there are some people who say that it was not planned and organized.

Those European people who said that New Year' Eve sexual assaults weren't planned and organized say that among Muslims (Middle-East, Africa, Asia) is known very common phenomenon called  taharrush gamae (taharrush ginsi), in which a bunch of frustrated young men especially during holidays practice sexual assault towards women. Those people who say that New Year's Eve sexual assault weren't planned and organized was only taharrus gamae, in which sexually frustrated unmarried young men trying to experience temporary enjoyment, because in Muslim culture sex belongs only to the marriage. Those people who are still gullible trying to tone down events of New Year's Eve saying that into question is differences of the cultures and not planned and organized action.

Actually taharrush gamae phenomenon is the thing, in which the purpose is to show supremacy and dominance of men over women. Taharrush gamae and dominance of men over women contain raping of women, stealing of women's property and sexual assaults. Into question is not only frustration of unmarried young men, but criminal activity through thefts, rapes, sexual assaults and violence and men's domination over women. Taharrush gamae phenomenon and actions behind it are planned. It is very clear that taharrush gamae doesn't belong to civilized country, because this kind of horrific and rude action is practiced only people who are living under the yoke of the lies, brainwash, disturbed mind and large distortion.

According to Finnish police authorities in Finland might happen sexual assaults during New Year's Eve as happened in Cologne, Germany. In Finland and also some other European countries asylum seekers have received guidance and instruction that every kind of sexual assault and disturbance is forbidden in theses countries.

Although many asylum seekers have received instruction that all kinds of sexual assault and disturbance is forbidden and even crime in some cases, so anyhow many Muslim background men have made sexual assaults against European women and they have made even mass rapes. It is very clear that into question has been planned and organized action and rebellion against European societies and values. Of course, we should remember that we can't generalize and label all Muslims as sexual perpetrators, but we must have courage to say that many Muslim men and asylum seekers have been guilty to sexual assaults, rapes, mass rapes in several European countries.

Italian magazine and publication Il Giornale reported on Monday (11.1.2016) that by emails and text messages have been excited to practice sexual assaults.The message was: " By sexually molest and attack against white woman and use her as you like - Carry out taharrush gamae wherever in Europe, and attack against their women, show to them who we are".

According to Il Giornale publication the order was given to Muslims in Europe and the order should carry out in the New Year. The proofs show that New Year's Eve sexual assaults was planned and organized beforehand. After this proof it is useless to say that Islamic extremist movements haven't infiltrated through immigration to Europe as intention to destroy and cause damage to western countries.

According to Finnish Policy of Court Research Institute (Oikeuspoliittinen tutkimuslaitos) survey during the years 2010-2011 immigrants made 8 times more rape crimes than Finnish men. The highest rape crime rate was in those men who have borne in Africa and Middle-East. The Eastern Europe (without Russia) rape crime rates were 10 times more than Finnish men. Immigrant background men who have been born in Finland had over six times more rape crimes than Finnish men. After sociodemography standard factors men whose native were Africa and Middle-East rape crime rate was 10 times more than Finnish men. Nowadays, in Finland is and is coming much more asylum seekers as in the years 2010-2011, which means that probably among immigrant men of Africa and Middle-East rape crimes rates can be higher.

The statistical fact is that men from Muslim culture are at the top in rape crime rates. At this point we can't generalize that all Muslim men are rapists, but it is a statistical fact that Muslim men make more rape crimes as Finnish men. In Muslim culture the position of women is much worse as men, and for this sake among Muslim men rape crimes and sexual assaults toward women are more common as among Finnish men. When we know these statistical facts, so we must have courage to say that raping is in a certain way built-in phenomenon in Muslim culture, even not all Muslim men accept raping. The statistical fact tells us that the raping has dominant and large features in Muslim culture. At this point it is useless to pick up the racism card, because I'm not a racist and statistical facts support that in some how raping phenomenon and sexual assaults toward women are built-in to Muslim culture at least in Africa and Middle-East.

In Muslim culture Middle-East, Asia and Africa taharrush gamae is a well known phenomenon and therefore also in Europe some authorities, sociologists and criminologists had to know beforehand that as a consequence of Muslim's mass immigration (especially men in the majority have immigrated) taharrush gamae phenomenon infiltrate to Europe. Of course not all have heard about this matter, but many have and therefore this hasn't come as a surprise to all people.

In Europe some people have known about rape crime statistics during many years, so these things haven't come as a surprise to all people. Some authorities and people in Europe who have known Muslim culture have been conscious and knew about what will be happening when a large mass of Muslim men arrive to Europe as asylum seekers. Some of those people have feared a label of a racist and therefore they have been silent about negative things that comes with mass immigration and they have lacked courage to speak what they have known. Probably some authorities who are responsible about immigration have known negative things of immigration, but they have committed to the plan, in which Europe must drive to confusion and chaos. By this way some people try to create the new world order. These people think that the best way to create the new world order is causing chaos and so the people easily would accept the new world order.

At this point some people can think that I'm a conspiracy theory freek, but I'm not. It is obvious and clear that some authorities have known that mass immigration will cause negative things, but anyhow they allow it happen. Here in Finland, former police Tom Packalen who is nowadays Member of Finnish Parliament has said that when he was police, so the police didn't have permission to notify and inform about crimes done by asylum seekers and immigrants, but those crimes must put under censorship. Aforesaid example proves how authorities have known the problems, but they have hidden them. It is obvious and clear that this kind of action, damages deeply the society.

I still want to believe and trust good and valuable Finnish police work and I hope that Finnish police begins very soon to do the right things. The police needs more resources that people who are living in Finland would feel Finland as a safety place to live. The majority of asylum seekers has been young men that have cause sexual assaults, rape crimes and other criminal activity. Of course it is clear that among asylum seekers has been those who have come to Finland in a right motives as asylum seekers. The authorities has to have the right means to discern those who come in a right and wrong motives. One solution would be such kind of that majority of immigrants would be families, because women and children would diminish in many ways problems that immigration cause. Social integration and orientation of immigrates and asylum seekers to western societies is a key factor to create a peaceful atmosphere, but in this phase they are not alone sufficient, but besides of them must do aforesaid things.

One very important thing must bring forth. Hiding and silence about the problems that comes with immigration to Europe is the most foolish thing that can be done, because when those things will be revealed to citizens, so they feel emotions of insecurity and they feel that the authorities don't care about them. The consequence of this is that citizen might take the law in their own hands and European extremist movements begin to activate themselves causing violence against immigrates. It seems that some people in Europe have known what will be happening and purposely the things have hidden and covered up as the intention to cause chaos and anarchy. Behind this kind of intentional chaos and anarchy can't be another thing than to achieve to create the new world order. This kind of activity of the new world order plan is not the better world as the current world is, because allowing evil things you can't create the better world, but worse world, because allowing evil things is not setting up of goodness.

The prophecy of the Bible

The Bible teaches that the order of the authorities is the decree and commandment of God that all people would live peaceful life, because it is the will of God. Because God has commanded the order of the authorities, so therefore I wrote measures which European authorities must do that the peace would be achieved in the society. When we study the Bible and the words of the Lord and the Messiah Jesus concerning the societies of the end times, so we can see that the authorities fail and can't successful accomplish their task and can't guarantee peaceful and safe life to people. The only way to the real peace of the heart is to believe in the Lord Jesus and it will guarantee to you remission of the sins and the eternal life.

Matt 24:
6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

Matt 24:7 For there will be an intifada of ethnic group against ethnic group, and malchut against malchut. There will be famines, earthquakes in place after place. (Orthodox Jewish Bible - OJB)

The Lord Jesus prophesied about 2000 years ago that before His coming the nations shall rise against nations and kingdom against kingdom. In Greek Bible is word ethnos, which means a tribe, nation, people group, Gentiles, heathen, people, a multitude of individuals of the same nature or genus, a multitude (whether of men or of beasts) associated or living together. The word ethnos can mean also an ethnic group of people as OJB translate it.

The Orthodox Jewish Bible uses the words: for there will be an intifada of ethnic group against ethnic group. OJB's translation is not precise about Matt 24:7, but however it says one side from the meaning of the verse. According to Greek it is question about the war and conflict of the tribes and ethnic groups against one another inside the national state. Among Arab Muslims Intifada means uprising against oppression, which means to Muslims that Islam is the only true and right religion and other religions and national systems are against Islam. For this reason extremist Muslims everywhere oppose and despise western democracy and its value and people.

The Lord Jesus said that before His coming the nations (inside the country), in other words, people groups and ethnic groups and tribes and so on are fighting against one another. This can mean that inside the countries will be civil wars and wars between ethnic groups and other groups. It is very clear that Jesus prophesied about the wars that will be happening in the countries, in which tribes, ethnic groups and other people groups are fighting against one another. Nowadays you can see that in the many countries tribes, ethnic groups and other people groups are fighting against one another. According to the words of Jesus the wars inside of he countries will lead to wars between countries. Many people will say at this point that always in the history has been wars between tribes, ethnic groups and countries and therefore the words of Jesus don't mean anything and don't mean present time or future time. When we study the words of Jesus more precisely in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24, so we can see the details that proves the time of history when these things will be happening.

Matt 24:
6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

According to the words of the Lord Jesus the wars between tribes, ethnic groups, people groups and the countries will happen globally and famines, pestilences and earthquakes will happen in divers places in the world. The Lord Jesus said that all those things are like the beginning of sorrows (birth pang) which will come stronger and increase. In the history has been always those things, but the Lord Jesus said that there will come the time when these things impact the same time thus that they become stronger and worse. The Lord Jesus gave us distinctive mark when these things will happen and how they happen and develop.

When we study recent history and present time, so we know what kind of crisis the world is and we can deduce that we are living at the time of early phases of the era that Jesus prophesied.

The Lord Jesus gave us also one sign that will be happen after those events that He spoke. This sign is the world wide persecution against the disciples of Jesus for the sake of His name, which means believing in Jesus as the Bible says. With this is connected waxing cold of believers, which means that many believers will depart from the faith and they don't believe in Jesus anymore as the Bible says. The iniquity that Jesus spoke don't mean crimes (although crimes also will be increased), but such kind of iniquity, in which people trample the word of God under their feet. When you see that all those signs and events will take place, so you know that the Bible is the truth, even if you don't believe that the Bible is the word of God.

The prophecy of Jesus doesn't promise good things and peaceful times to the people of the end times, because the last days of the mankind will be times of wars, hunger, earthquakes, other natural disasters, epidemic diseases and the time of chaos and anxiety. Culmination of evil is the new world order of antichrist, who will deceive people to false peace leading people to the brink of destruction.

The right solution for every man is to believe in Jesus as the Bible says, because in that way you receive a remission of your sins and obtain the eternal life. The Bible says that every man are sinners and are short of the glory of God, and for the sake of slavery of sin and satan godless people are walking toward the eternal damnation. If you repent your sins and believe in Jesus as the Bible says, so you will receive a remission of sins and eternal life. God has promised to take care of those people who honor and love Him. The disciples of Jesus have security and shelter in God also in the time of the last day's horrors. God loves you and wants to save you, if you are not yet saved by the grace of God.


Petri Paavola 25.1.2016

33/38 Finnish Bible
Biblia 1776 (Finnish Bible)
King James Version 1769



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