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Scientific studies: Religious people are less intelligent than atheists

In America Rochester's university has been made scientific studies and analysis led by Professor Miron Zuckerman, which claims that religious people are less intelligent than non-believers. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Review published a summary for this scientific study. When I researched this study, so on my mind arose many thoughts that prove this scientific study as the provocation of atheism in which they show their contempt to the certain group of the people. On my writing, I also bring out some thoughts about the article of Knoxnews.

Summary of the study
My thoughts about the study
Another distorted research for atheism
Atheistic countries
Wisdom of faith
Atheism is a religion

Summary of the study

Researchers group led by Miron Zuckerman said that this study is the first systematic meta-analysis of the 63 studies conducted in between 1928 and 2012, which shows that of the 63 studies, 53 showed a negative correlation between intelligence and religiosity, while 10 showed a positive one.

The study says that during early years the more intelligent a child is the more likely it would be to turn away from religion.

The three psychologists carrying out the review defined intelligence as the “ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience”. Criticisms of the conclusions include that the paper only deals with a definition of analytic intelligence and fails to consider newly identified forms of creative and emotional intelligence.

The psychologists who carried out the review also sought to pre-empt the secularist interpretation of the findings by suggesting that more intelligent people are less likely to have religious beliefs as they associate themselves with ideas around personal control.

My thoughts about the study

Atheistic people have made this study, and its purpose is promoting atheism and wisdom of men and contempt people who believe in God or are members in some religions.

The studies weren't consistent, because 10 studies found the positive correlation between intelligence and religiosity. This arouses many questions. When a man has a certain world view, so very often he sees in the positive light his beliefs and as negative others' world view.   In this respect, many studies are not neutral and unbiased, but can be very crooked and dishonest.

The psychologists of the study said that intelligent people had the ability of personal control, and therefore, they are less likely to have religious beliefs. These "intelligent" people don't have more personal control than other people. These "intelligent" people don't believe on God, and that is the reason why they don't take part to religion or religious communities. Into question is not personal control, but conviction that they don't believe on God.

In reality, these "intelligent" atheists have as less personal control than other people. Among the atheists is a lot of divorces, plenty of sinful sexual affairs, alcoholism, lust of money, game addiction, envy, bitterness and so on. "Intelligent" people personal control in the study was misleading and deceptive information, because an atheist doesn't believe on God, and therefore, he doesn't join any religion and religious communities, and atheists don't have better personal control than other people.

The study reported that "intelligent" people (very clear hint and reference to atheist) have ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience. This information is also misleading, because into question is theoretical wisdom, not practical and useful wisdom of the life, which actually, measure and tell that how intelligent a man indeed is.

"Intelligent" atheist can have many divorces or ending of the intimate relationship. Intimate relationship is complicated matter, in which are many dimensions that could be solved by pay attention to a spouse. When "intelligent" atheist continuously breaks his relationships, so it shows that he hasn't got the ability to solve problems, and he hasn't got to learn from his experience. The life isn't theoretical book wisdom, but practical life, in which is needed a lot of wisdom and ability to solve many kinds of problems. When we see things in this light of reality, so theoretical book wisdom doesn't help you, but you need practical wisdom, because the life is always as practical, not theory. Of course not all atheists have those kinds of problems mentioned above, but many of them have those problems in their lives.

Another distorted research for atheism

American Knoxnews media has published an article reporting that the godless people commit less crime, have longer marriages and are more highly educated than almost any other group in America.

Knoxnews media reported that according to Federal Bureau of Prisons' data, the number of responding persons in prison acknowledging they were Catholic was 39 percent; Protestant, 35 percent; Muslim, 7 percent; Jewish, 2 percent; and godless, 0.2 percent (20 percent did not respond).

Knoxnews media reported that since the number of godless is estimated to be 10 percent of the general population, all things being equal, you would expect their prison population to be 10 percent. Knoxnews media continues reporting that fundamentalist Christians have the highest divorce rate, followed by Jews and Baptists.

Konxnews media reports that a review of worldwide studies found that criminality and religion go hand in hand, because countries with the most religious people have the highest crime rates, highest sexually transmitted diseases and the highest teen pregnancy rates.

The article of Knoxnews media is misleading and distorted the things very badly. I bring out by few matters that how the article was erroneous and misleading. I'm a Finnish and live in Finland. Here in Finland the majority of the populations are Lutherans. Majority of Finnish Lutherans doesn't believe on God of the Bible. According to Finnish prison and criminal data, the majority of prisoners are Lutherans. Majority from the Finnish Lutherans don't believe on God or the Bible. It means that large majority Lutherans that are recorded in prison, and criminal data are godless people. In the light of this fact and study here in Finland godless people are doing superior numbers' crimes in Finland.

According to Finnish Lutheran Church's research center about 14-24 years Finnish people only 15 percent believed God of Christianity (number is from year 2011). In the year, 2011 from all Finnish young people and adults 27 percent said that they believed in God of Christianity. According to revised demographics, 77,2 people in Finland belonged to Lutheran Church (31.12.2011).

Based on preceding numbers the biggest part from the members of Finnish Lutheran Church doesn't believe God of the Bible. This means that they are godless people and members of religious institution. Almost 80 percent from Finnish citizens belongs to Lutheran Church, and about 60 percent of them don't believe God of the Bible. Lutheran Church's members about 10 percent is religious people who believe in God, but they don't live according to the teaching of God ( they are not the disciples of the Lord Jesus). From the Finnish Lutheran Church's members, about 10 percent are on living faith to the Lord Jesus.

Because almost 80 percent from Finnish citizens are members of the Lutheran Church, and about 10 percent of them have the living faith on the Lord Jesus, so it means that the biggest part of Finnish people who are recorded in prison, and criminal data are members of Lutheran Church. They are godless people and members of religious institution. This means that they are negative towards God and believing on the Lord Jesus. Actually, they are godless people who are in prison and criminal statistics as members of religious institution. After all the truth is that godless people make the most crimes in Finland.

It is into question the same matter in America, in which the majority of Roman Catholic Church and Protestant churches' members don't believe in the Bible, but are living in sins against the will of God. In this light, the majority of America's criminal data church members are godless people. According to this fact, the article of Knoxnews distorted the truth and the real fact is that also in America godless people commit the most crimes.

In America is plenty of unhealthy and non-biblical Christian sects and cults, in which happens a lot of sexual sins, for example, Catholicism and certain groups, which live against the teaching of the Bible, although they claim that believe in the Bible. For example, about non-biblical sect and cult in America is Branch Davidians religious sect in which the leader David Koreshi abused sexually women of the sect. According to the teaching of the Bible Branch Davidians sect lived in sexual sins and other sins, and this sect has nothing to do with health and genuine Biblical faith.

Atheists always bring out sexual sins and crimes of non-biblical organizations and groups, in which people don't believe in God. These atheists on purpose or without knowledge from the right and wrong faith want to defame and slander people who believe in a right way Biblically on God and the Lord Jesus. In this way, they falsely distort the things as the article of Knoxnews did. According to the testimony of the Bible religiousness is godless. Atheists and religious people are in the same train traveling on their lives in the condition of godless people, because they don't believe the only Almight God, God of the Bible. Religious belief and Biblical faith on the Lord Jesus are totally two different things.

People who are in the right and Biblical faith on the Lord Jesus make least crimes, because the right and Biblical faith is a such in which he tries to live according to the will of God and avoiding sins. The article of Knoxnews was an indication either purposely provocation or ignorance, in which writer of article and researchers don't know the difference between religiousness and the real Biblical faith, because they are totally two different things. According to the teaching of the Bible, religious people are godless who are living in the lies without connection with the God of the Bible, who is the Almighty God. In addition, in this light, it is very clear that religious person in the condition of godless as the slave of sins is making many kinds of crimes and sins. I bring out also that Roman Catholic Church is not the Church of God, but false imitation from the Church of God. Link: Roots of Roman Catholic Church

On purpose of atheistic researches is arising negative feeling, especially against people who believe to the Bible as the word of God. This kind of false information will be as fuel to worldwide persecution against the real disciples of the Lord Jesus which will happen in the last days of the mankind.

Atheistic countries

Research that based on results of ISSP (International Social Survey Programme) ja GESIS:n (Institute for the Social Sciences) have brought out, that Sweden is one the most atheistic country in the world. According to the research also Czech Republic is a very atheistic country. On the research was asked among other things followed questions; I don't believe in God, I don't believe in God and I never have, believing in a Personal God. Results are from the year 2008.

Sweden was at the front in different countries' divorce statistics. In addition, Czech Republic was at the front in that statistics. According to statistics (2000) in Sweden, the divorces' rates compared the world rates was the second most and in Czech Republic the third most when was calculated how many divorces happen per 100 marriages. The rate of Sweden was 53,9 per divorces per 100 marriages, and czech Republic rate was 53,7 divorces per 100 marriages. Finland's rate was 53,2 divorces per 100 marriages.

In the light of preceding statistics' people who have the atheistic world view (don't believe on God) are the most divorce cases. Knoxnews's previously mentioned article of was provocation and purposely distorted, which intention was promoting of atheism.'s rape statistics reported that in the year 2009, rape case in Sweden was the fourth most in the world. In France was done the most rape cases and in Germany, the second most in the world. According to IPPS statistics, France and Germany were at the top from the countries, in which people didn't believe in God. In the light of this results people who have the atheistic world view make the most rape cases.

From these statistics brings out that large amount of godless people lives immorality. Immorality is not an indication about the intelligent, but indications from negative and harmful lifestyle.

In the year 2012, members of Swedish Lutheran Church were 67 percent from the population. About 2 percent from Lutherans in Sweden regularly attended to Sunday meetings. According to research Sweden was one of the most atheistic countries in the world despite it that almost 70 percent of them were members of Lutheran Church. This means that the biggest part from members of Swedish Lutheran Church doesn't believe in God. In the light of all the preceding information majority of Swedish Lutheran Church's members are godless people. Swedish divorce and rape statistics tell the fact that godless people are the most immoral people. We can see also that being a member in religious institution don't mean that they believe in God or the Bible, but the most of them are godless people. My intention is not slander godless people, but bring out the facts that stand behind the statistics.

It is truly clear that people who believe in God of the Bible (believe in the Lord Jesus) live according to very high moral. It is very important to bring out one important thing, which distorts the facts. Pedophilia is disgusting, and evil sin of fornication (sexual sin) and crusades are against God's will. Pedophilia scandals of Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and bloody crusades done by Catholics don't represent the Biblical faith, but devilish behavior of sin and evil deeds. Roman Catholic Church is not the Church of God, but the false imitation from the Church of God.

Many people say that the Christiany has killed millions of people. This claim is incorrect, because Roman catholic Church has killed millions of people. In reality, godless people on disguise of a believer did those horrific killings. Things done by religion don't mean the same thing as the Biblical faith. From this very clear example and indication is evil deeds of Roman Catholic Church. The real Christianity and Roman Catholic Church are totally two different things.

Religious and theological teachings of Roman Catholic Church are against the word of God (Status of Mary and pope, sacrifice of the mass, purgatory, doctrine of indulgences, salvation through water baptism and so on). Wrong teachings, sexual crimes and killings of Roman Catholic Church show that religiousness of Roman Catholic Church is ungodliness, because RCC teaches and lives against the teaching of the Bible.

In the matter of fact religion and religiousness represent ungodliness, because according to the teaching of the Bible believing in God by the Lord Jesus question the faith, not from the religion or religiousness. Because the Bible says that all the gods of the people are idols (religion). This means that religiousness, and religion is a sin against God. In the light of this Biblical fact, all godless people (religious people, atheists and all who don't believe to God of the Bible) commit the most crimes and live most of all immoral life.

Criticism against Christianity that has been given for teachings and evil deeds of Roman Catholic Church has gone to the wrong address, because RCC doesn't represent the real and genuine Biblical faith, but it is false imitation from the genuine Christianity. When the target of criticism is wrong, so that kind of criticism has no value of the truth. If you have criticized from Christianity based on Roman Catholic Church's doctrine and evil deeds, so you have criticized wrong target.

Wisdom of faith

The study led by Miron Zuckerman is not reliable and honest, because many matters prove this. One of this kind prove is exceptional intelligence of Jewish nation. Believing on God and the Bible has been throughout the history very big influence among the Jewish nation.

Ashkenazi Jews are succeeded very well in the science world. After 1900's half way, about 30% Nobel Prize winners have been Jews, mainly Ashkenazi Jews researchers. Ashkenazi Jews have been succeeded also very well on intelligence tests. In addition, among other Jews has observed very high intelligence.

This fact cancels totally Zuckerman's study. When you see the thing in the light if this truth, so undisputedly and provably believing to God of the Bible affect and increase the wisdom and intelligence in the mind of people. The faith of Jewish nation is based on God's message in the Old Testament and intelligence of the Jews have been acknowledged and studied. The Jews have been gained very much for faith on God of the Bible and for this reason, they are very intelligent people. I remind that when a man also believes the message of the New Testament, the whole announcement of the Bible, so it will surely increase the wisdom and intelligence in the heart the disciple of the Lord Jesus. Because according to the teaching of the Bible believing on God is the only source to the real wisdom.

When you believe on the Lord Jesus, so you become loyal to your spouse; you don't practice sinful sex affairs; you don't live in drunkenness; you don't live in envy and bitterness and so on. The real and genuine disciple of the Lord Jesus has the ability to live in practical life wisely and intelligently, because God has given for him the power of the Holy Spirit, by which he can live according to the wisdom of God. When you see things in this light so it is obvious that a man can't achieve the real wisdom otherwise as by the faith in the Lord Jesus.

Atheism measures a man according to his intelligence, because atheism is for an atheist only good and respected value. Atheism brings about border fences and barriers between peoples, in which the value of a man is measured that how well he has managed to believe teachings and values of atheism. The Bible teaches that the value of a man doesn't depend on his intelligence, because God loves a man whom He has created by His love. A man is precious and important to God for the reason of creation and salvation in the Lord Jesus. Appreciation of atheism and God of the Bible toward man is different. Atheism is cold and hard, but believing on the Lord Jesus radiates respect and love towards a man, even if he disagrees the things with the disciple of the Lord Jesus.

Atheism is a religion

The study led by Miron Zuckerman is contradictory and ironic, because atheism based on believing and by believing atheists choose atheism. Atheists believe information that is against the word God, and they don't believe on God, but believe that God doesn't exist. Many atheists believe that evolution theory has proven scientifically, but the fact is that no one can't prove indisputably that evolution theory is true. The foundation of atheism is based on hypothesis and estimations, and not based on indisputable fact. For this reason, atheism is a belief as religion, in which an atheist chose after he has chosen atheism to be a better alternative to him whereto he believes. Actually, atheism is a religion, in which some of them believe to evolution theory, and some believe another information.

In fact, the study led by Zuckermanin was contradictory, ironic and unreliable as purpose to promote atheism. The study failed and exposed stupidity of researchers. I didn't use the stupidity word in the meaning that I want slander them, but in the meaning that their study failed and was unsuccessful. Atheist, religious people or the disciple of the Lord Jesus can be naturally clever, but the real wisdom comes only from God of the Bible.

Belief of atheism (not all but many believe) based on that the universe; the earth and polymorphic life have been borne by accident and self-guided without the help of intelligent mind (God). If you are honest so you can understand that 3 billions letter code pairs (DNA) couldn't be borne by accident or self-guided. 3 billions letter code pairs of DNA contain all the information that how a man must be built and how his body organs work. The information of DNA proves that a man, and the life on the earth has not been borne by accident or self-guided, but that super intelligent Almighty God of the Bible has planned and created a man.

The foundation of atheism is based on the very weak and nonexistent basis. In the fact, the "wisdom" of atheism proves that it is based on belief system and information that can't be true. The "wisdom" of atheism represents pride that stands on the foundation, which has been built on the basis of lies.

Believing to God of the Bible by the Lord Jesus is the gift of God that lacked from atheist, and therefore, he can't understand the truth of the Bible and can't see the real wisdom.

According to the word of God (Bible), the wisdom of God is the real wisdom:

1 Cor 1:
18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.
20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?
21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.
22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:
23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;
24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.
25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:
27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.
30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:
31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

Petri Paavola from Finland

33/38 Raamattu
Biblia 1776
King James Version 1769




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