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Trump's Deal of the Century and the Deception

I know that many Jews think Trump is a great Israeli friend. Trump has done good things for the Israelites. However, the Trump's Peace Plan is contrary to what God says in the Bible about the land of Israel. I would especially wish, that the Jews will read my writings, because the word and revelation of the God of Israel should be the most important thing for the Jewish people, who is the apple of the eye of God.

Trump announced on 28.1.2020 his Middle East Peace Plan between Israelis and Palestinians. Trump's Peace Plan contains a deception that has been attempted to disguise as misleading words. In the past, Trump has said that he supports the two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians, which Trump has considered to be the best solution. Trump announced his deal of the century and two-state solution that includes the deception, which I bring up in this writing.

Trump's Peace Plan states that Israel has full control over the settlements and how Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the Jews. According to the Trump Peace Plan, the US recognizes the sovereignty of Israel in all the areas covered by the peace treaty with the areas of the land of Israel. The Peace Plan obliges the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and the Palestinians must solve the refugee problem outside Israel's borders.

Trump's Peace Plan also includes the Palestinian State, which capital is East Jerusalem. According to the Peace Plan, the capital of Palestine East Jerusalem consists of all areas of the security fence in the east and north, including areas such as Kafr Aqab, Shuafat and its eastern parts and Abu Dis. According to the Peace Plan, the Palestine State capital's name can be Al Quds or some other name which the Palestinian State defines. In the Trump's Peace Plan, Gaza and a large part of the West Bank would belong to the Palestinian State.

One of the biggest deception of Trump's Peace Plan is when Trump says that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the Jews, but despite that, Trump's peace plan will hand over parts of East Jerusalem that would came capital of Palestine State. Jerusalem is not the undivided city when the parts are separated or East Jerusalem is given to the capital of the Palestinian State.

The Bible says Jerusalem is built as a city that is compact together (is undivided). Trump has deceived the Jews and the whole world by promising Jerusalem to be the undivided capital of Israel, but he would like to share between the Jews and the Palestinians, accepting East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state.

According to the Trump's Peace Plan, Jordan would continue to govern Jerusalem's Temple Mount. The Bible says that God gave the whole land of Israel to the Israelites, which means that the Temple Mount should also belong entirely to Israel, and the Israelites should have the control of the Temple Mount themselves. Trump allows Temple Mount remain under the control of the Jordan, which also means that Trump allows to dividing of Jerusalem, because the Temple Mount is part of Jerusalem. If Trump really believes that Jerusalem should be an undivided city of the Jews, so he should say that the Temple Mount is the land area that belongs only to Jews and entire control of the Jews. The Temple Mount is part of Jerusalem and the land of Israel.

The Bible says (Joel chapter 3) how God will come to judge the Gentiles in the Valley of Jehoshaphat in the last days, because they have scattered Israelites among the nations, and parted (divided) my land (Israel - God's land). The Biblical prophecy says that the land of Israel will be divided in the last days, but God will judge all those who have accepted the dividing of the land of Israel.

Trump's Peace Plan to accept the Palestinian State within the borders of the land of Israel and the acceptance of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine is, according to the Bible, an Antichristian activity and a rebellion against God, from which becomes the judgment of God. After this announcement of Trump's Peace Plan, the disciples of the Lord Jesus who are supporting Donald Trump should see that Trump is not running in God's errand, but is walking and promoting the matter of the Antichristian deception and the lie. Trump's "friendship with the Jews" has blinded the eyes of many, so that they did not see the deception or they don't want to see it.

In reality, Trump is not a friend of Israel, because he agrees and accepts sharing and dividing the land of Israel, which is a great sin and Antichristian project before the eyes of God. Trump's friendship with Israel is a deception, because although Trump has done many good things for Israel, the Peace Plan proves how Trump's proposal takes away from Israel its right to the whole land that God has given them. Based on the truth of the word of the Bible, Trump's Peace Plan is not friendship with Israel, but is an enemy of Israel and God of Israel.

Trump said that the Palestinians should abandon terrorism and thus guarantee the security of Israel, and if the Palestinians accept peace with the Jews and commit to it for four years, then the entire Peace Plan will come into power also to the Palestinians.

Anyone who knows the goal of Hamas and the Palestinian leaders knows that they want to destroy Israel and remove it off the map of the world. If the Palestinians would accept Trump's Peace Plan, it would mean that within the borders of Israel, there is a "sovereign" state whose only goal is to destroy Israel. The Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, and many other Muslim leaders have said that they are not accepting Trump's Peace Plan (a few Arab states agree with the Peace Plan). In the past, the Palestinians (leaders) have demanded East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, and now that they would have it, they want the whole Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Time will show in which direction this Peace Plan is progressing, but it is certain, in the light of the Biblical prophecy, that the land of Israel will be divided in the last days.

Trump promised several tens of billions of money to build a Palestinian state if they accepted the Peace Plan. If the Palestinians would accept the Peace Plan, so they could seemingly build Palestinian State and create the structures of society, but their leadership by their ideology would seek to benefit from the money and they would get and obtain weaponry against Israel. The Palestinians would come up with a detour, how they could circumvent the money donation and use part of the money to arm them against Israel.

The Catholic media: Catholic World Report published an article on 28.1.2020 how Trump's Peace Plan in parts of the proposed plan would seem to be in line with the Holy See’s stated preferences for a lasting peace in the Holy Land. The Catholic Church has a long time promote a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. Trump has studied at the Catholic Jesuit University and Trump's "presidential court" also consist in several Catholic ecclesiastics influential persons. The Catholic Church is an Antichristian religious organization that seeks to distort the truth of the Bible in many ways. Trump's connection with the Catholics and the Catholic Church and Trump's common and shared ambition and effort for a two-state solution with Catholics is an expression of a common spirit and behind of that common spirit is an antichristian spirit.

I wrote 17.5.2018 (Finnish article) how Israel Today published (6.5.2018) an article; Report: Trump Wants Israel to Give Part of Jerusalem to Palestinians. From this article, some people thought it was a canard. The Israel Today article was not a canard, because it contained a lot of correct information about what the Trump's Peace Plan contains regarding the dividing of Jerusalem and that plan proposes East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State.

According to Israel Today's article, many Jews fear that the dividing of Jerusalem (East Jerusalem for the Palestinians) would be as a first step towards wider territorial requirements for sharing more parts of Jerusalem to Palestinians. This has just happened, for the Palestinian leader requires, that all Jerusalem must be a Palestinian state. According to the Israel Today article, if Israel approves the plan, Israel would get full support of America regarding the Iranian nuclear threat. This was achieved by the Trump's Peace Plan.

Trump's Peace Plan is the deception, because in practice it would mean that Jerusalem should be divided as a city between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as parts of Israel's land would be given away by giving Gaza and a big part of the West Bank to the Palestinians. Trump's good deeds against Israel lose their significance because of this deception. If Trump says Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the Jews, but at the same time he says East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, then Jerusalem is no longer an undivided city, but a divided city. Trump is a liar and a deceiver, a messenger of deception, because he has said that the best solution is the two-state solution. This is a fraud based on lies and the purpose and goal of the anti-Christian spirit agenda.

The debate about Trump's Peace Plan progresses or come to a sudden stop in the coming days, but it is certain, in the light of the prophecy of the Bible, that the land of Israel will be divided and be seized by the Gentiles. Glory and praise to the Lord, the God of Israel, for in the tribulation, in the end of days the Israeli people, the Jews will find salvation through faith in the Messiah Jesus and ultimately the Lord shall destroy all those who attack against Israel, God's apple of the eye.

Petri Paavola 29.1.2020

Raamattu 33/38
Biblia 1776
King James Version 1769
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