Presidential Election in USA in 2016


For a few months I followed the presidential campaigns in the USA. If I were an American I would not have voted either candidate (Trump - Clinton), because both have done things that are against my values. I will write about my observation on why the American media favorite, Hillary Clinton, lost the election to Trump. My thoughts are my own and you can and may disagree.

American main media predicted almost unanimously that Hillary Clinton would win clearly because Gallup polls told about her overwhelming victory. Opinion polls were done so that those questioned were Hillary's supporters in the first place. Main media tried to create a picture that Hillary's victory was a given. This way they tried to ensure that Hillary won. However, this did not happen and Hillary lost.

In American presidential election a person who receives most votes from people does not always win the election, because the outcome is decided by the number of electors in the states. Hillary won in people's votes, but Trump won the electors' votes and therefore won the election. Hillary Clinton won mainly in those states that supported the elite and Trump in the states where unemployment was high. Trump was clever not to attempt to win the whole nation behind him, but concentrated on winning in the states where people were disappointed in the current politics which had taken away many jobs and created unemployment. Trump won in 34 states and Hillary in 18 states.

The majority of American newspapers openly supported Hillary Clinton. Journalism should be based on reporting current and social issues equally and truthfully. American media acted against the ethics of journalism, which finally caused Hillary Clinton to lose. A large part of the population in America feels that they have been forgotten and that Clinton represents the politics of those who pursue the interests of the elite and is not on the side of the unemployed and forgotten.

Donald Trump knew how to speak to the forgotten and unemployed people and appeal to patriotism (America first and Lets make America great again), which ensured him a victory in 34 states and therefore a win in the election. Many people saw and felt that Hillary Clinton represented and pursued interests of a powerful elite that has ruined the greatness of America.

American main media are controlled by the elite which shows that the main media is corrupted and tries in every way to manipulate the Americans to support the elite by electing Hillary Clinton to a president. Main media has lost its credibility in many people's hearts in America and therefore they voted with their heart because they no longer trusted the current political party which supports the elite's goals and aspirations which are against the poor and the unemployed.

Hillary Clinton represents the power elite and supports globalization, which benefit the elite and makes the ordinary people more poorer. Many people saw Donald Trump coming from outside the current corrupted political system. Trump promised what power elite does not want nor promise. Trump promised work and prosperity for the poor, forgotten and the unemployed. It will remain to be seen whether Trump can and will keep his promises.

Political correctness does not work with people who are in more and more trouble because of the current politics. Hillary Clinton spoke the politically correct language of the people, whereas Donald Trump spoke to people in ordinary people's language and promised to help in their distress.

Hillary Clinton failed and did wrong when she began attacking Donald Trump when he criticized her. Hillary should have concentrated into presenting her own program and speaking about it in popular language. Trump cleverly created a confrontation between the elite and the people in which Hillary represented the evil elite and Trump was on the people's side against the evil and corrupted elite. Hillary stepped in the trap Trump had set.

Trump knew that there was smoldering a rebellion in the American people against the current political system. Trump used that to his benefit and presented himself as the people's saviour who saves the people from the claws of the power elite and the corrupted political system. In this way Trump created a strong and powerful contrast in which Hillary strongly supported the current political system and its achievements. Hillary went into the trap and lost the election.

Trump was allowed to put his foot in his mouth a few times because many people saw him as the saviour and the bringer of change. The main media lifted Trump's blurtings out onto the screen and disapproved. This further increased the contrast between the elite and the current political leaders and the people. The people's hero and saviour may say whatever he likes as long as he saves the nation. The main media did not understand this and its disapproval brought more votes to Trump. I believe Trump was conscious of these things and acted along a considered plan and not rashly as the main media claimed. Trump followed a carefully considered plan which increased the contrast between the elite and the people, for Trump's benefit. Main media thought it would destroy Trump, but ended up destroying Hillary.

American main media are very corrupt and the majority of the people no longer trusts the main media, but look for facts and information from alternative media, which tries to bring forth the voice and will of the people. Alternative media, Facebook and many other discussion forums are extremely influential because those who used to have no power can come together in Internet communities and read about the people's voice and will in alternative media and feel they are strong and influential and able to cause change together.

The main media and the elite did not understand earlier how enormously powerful and influential the alternative media and other Internet communities are. Trump benefited from alternative media, which is against the main media, elite and the current leadership. The more the media were shocked about Trump and praised Clinton, the more rebellion, it caused by the people against the current machinery of power which has driven many Americans into poverty and unemployment.

In the coming days the corrupted political leadership, the elite and the main media of America will probably try to limit people's freedom of speech by closing down alternative media and in other ways to limit the freedom of speech in various Internet communities. There will be restrictions because the elite will no longer be able to govern the ordinary people if the people may use their freedom of speech without limits. The same can be seen around the world, even here in Finland, where the elite, politicians and the main media call the alternative media fake news, even though the truth is often different, as the main media has often spread wrong information and hidden true facts.

Main media were wrong when it predicted Hillary to be the overwhelming winner of the election. The main media are guided and controlled by the elite and therefore many (not all) people in the main media are incompetent in their journalism because of their corrupted heart.

It remains to be seen if the last word in USA presidential election has been spoken or whether the elite still has something up its sleeve to displace Trump. What is sure is that if Trump is true to his election promises, he will be an enemy of the elite and the elite wants to destroy him. It will also remain to be seen if Trump is a man of his word and will keep what he promised or whether he will go back on his word and become a puppet of the elite.


Petri Paavola (Finnish citizen from Scandinavia Northern Europe) 11.11.2016



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