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Youth With A Mission and Catholicism

Loren Cunningham founded Youth With A Mission in 1960, and at first YWAM equipped young people to serve God and sent them to mission trips. YWAM has been very committed to preach the salvation gospel. In the work of YWAM have been countless servants of God, who have dedicated their hearts to the Lord, and their work in the Lord has produced good fruits by the grace of God.

We are living in the end times, and the Lord Jesus said that in the last days there are less those believers, who believe in Jesus as the Bible says, and there are less those believers who are obedient to Jesus. Youth With A Mission has not been spared from the winds of apostasy, and it is very awkward that this wind of apostasy has shaken the heart of Loren Cunningham. Please study and test my writing with the word of God and prayer.

At first, I want to say that the focus of the disciple of the Lord Jesus must be in Jesus, in the works of God, in the love of God, in the grace of God and in the truth of God. The Lord Jesus took very seriously, but in the Spirit of meekness those people who twisted the truth and guided people away from the Kingdom of God towards eternal damnation. The real and true Jesus-centered faith does not concentrate on deceptions, but must reveal them according to it when we see those deceptions and when these deceptions are threatening to pollute the whole congregation and the hearts of the believers. When we stop deception at an early stage, it can't deceive and pollute the congregation.

The deception of Loren Cunningham in accepting Catholicism comes into view by following ways. Loren Cunnigham has said: We also told Pope Francis as we met with him that we needed his blessing, because we’re going to urge every home on earth to have a Bible. Loren Cunningham says about his meeting with pope: We ended with a rich time of prayer together: he (pope) praying blessings over us and we over him.

One of the websites of the Catholic Church is writing about the YWAM in this way: Kerygma Teams is an outreach arm of Youth with a Mission (YWAM), a worldwide ecumenical inter-denominational youth organisation which has a membership of 14,000 working in more than 140 countries. The group’s founder, Pentecostal pastor Loren Cunningham, wanted to get young people to take part in ‘international evangelistic endeavours’ during school holidays. As YWAM grew in America, opportunities emerged for ministry to, and alongside, other Christian groups including Catholics. The leaders recognised the need to create separate training methods for Catholics to take part in YWAM’s calling. Group leaders met in mainly Catholic Dublin in 1992 to lay the foundation for what eventually would become the Kerygma Teams.

Kerygma Teams presents itself in a following way: Kerygma is a ministry of ‘Youth With A Mission’, with a special focus on the Catholic world. We have Christians from different traditions serving together on our teams to: be agents of reconciliation between Catholic & other Christian believers, serve in Catholic settings so that Catholic lay people can be trained and mobilized for effective short and long-term missions, provide opportunities for Catholics and other Christians to work together to build the Kingdom of God.

Many people think and say that the Catholic Church is in doctrinal error in the same way as any individual believer or Christian community, but that in the Catholic Church there are also people saved by God, and that despite erroneous doctrines the Catholic Church is a Christian Church. When we study this thing deeper than the surface, we see that this thought is not the whole truth about the matter. I show some false doctrines of the Catholic Church, by which the Catholic Church is preaching a false gospel.

Catholic Encyclopedia teaches that by Mary's intercession Mary reconciles sinners to God. The Catholic Church teaches about the purgatory, which is the place where a man after his death must go for the purification from all stains of sins. The Catholic Church teaches that in the sacrifice of the mass Jesus is sacrificed again and that this sacrifice of the mass is the most powerful expiatory sacrifice. Pope Francis spoke in video on January 2016, in which pope said that all representatives of different religions are children of God.

Above-mentioned teachings of the Catholic Church are not merely erroneous doctrines, but a false gospel. If you believe a false gospel you are outside of Biblical salvation, because the Bible says, that if you believe a false gospel, you are under the curse. The Catholic Church doesn't represent Biblical and saving faith, because the Catholic Church is preaching the manifold false gospel.

The Catholic Church teaches that a member of the Catholic Church will lose his eternal salvation if he doesn't believe all the doctrines that the Catholic Church teaches. The Catholic Church teaches, that a Catholic must believe all doctrines that the Catholic Church is teaching, whether they are written in the Bible or not.

If you are a member of the Catholic Church and believe all that the Church teaches, you can't be in a saving faith. In order to be saved you should reject the manifold false gospel of the Catholic Church, and believe that the salvation comes only by grace, by the blood and the atonement of the Lord Jesus. If a member of the Catholic Church believes only in the atonement of the Lord Jesus and rejects the false gospel of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church wouldn't accept him as the member of the Catholic Church anymore, but would regard him as eternally damned. Of course, the judgment made by the Catholic Church has no power and effect, because it is based on the lies.

The above-mentioned facts about the Catholic Church and its doctrines set Loren Cunningham into a position of being both deceived and a deceiver, because he accepts Catholicism and regards it as Biblical Christianty, which it is not. It is also very obvious that Loren Cunningham's deception is a danger and a threat because the whole YWAM is getting polluted by this same spirit of deception. Loren Cunnigham is a founder and head leader in YWAM globally, affecting the whole organization.

Loren Cunningham wanted a blessing from the pope. The pope is not guided by the Holy Spirit, because pope believes in the manifold false gospel. The blessing asked from the pope doesn't bring a blessing in the life of a man, but rather winds of deception and curse.

I want to strongly emphasize that I'm not a judge between men and God, because only God has the power to judge. However, the Bible shows us what is the saving gospel and it is that believing in a false gospel is a ticket to eternal damnation. When I bring out the thing I'm writing now doesn't mean me being and acting as a judge, rather showing the truth from the word of God, which is the calling of all the disciples of the Lord Jesus.

The Catholic Church has infiltrated its members into the Protestants Churches, in which they pretend to be as Protestants, but their goal is to manipulate Protestants to accept Catholism. Inside the Catholic Church at 1960-70's began so called the charismatic movement with spiritual gifts that were said to be from the "Holy Spirit". The charismatic movement in the Catholic Church has not turned from the wrong doctrines and false gospel to the right way, but has strengthened those heretical teachings. This proves that the Catholic charismatic movement is not from the Holy Spirit, but it is from the spirit of deception.

The charismatic Catholic movement spread out among Protestants, which has been appearing as a Toronto blessing and so on. This charismatic movement affected by evil spirits has resulted in that many Protestants have accepted the Catholic Church as Biblical Christianity and even some Protestants joined in the Catholic Church after they had accepted this charismatic activity which the Catholic Church had started. Of course, there is also genuine and right charismatic activity with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but it never accepts and support any kind of false gospel, that the Catholic Church is preaching.

We are living in a time, when we have to watch the condition of our faith very accurately, because of what is happening around us: well-known and honoured preachers have erred and fallen to support a deceitful ecumenical false spirit that is deceiving people into accepting Catholicism, which represents antichristian deception.

Let's stand firmly for the truth, trust in the blood and atonement of the Lord Jesus and let's love our Lord Jesus by the truth of the word of God.


Petri Paavola 29.10.2019

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