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Biblical faith and the will of God

The Godhead of the Lord Jesus
Deception and the grace of God

Love of God and salvation:
Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus

The love of God on the cross
Believe on the Lord Jesus

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Newest writings:
The futile news versus the true Good News
Religiousness versus Biblical Faith
The Turin Shroud is deception and lie
The deceived and the deceiver
Loving goodness of God's grace
God's good care of us
False righteousness in the Last Days part 2
False righteousness in the Last Days part 1
US presidential election 2016
Jesus hates the works of the Nicolaitans
Kenosis doctrine is heresy
False Catholic doctrine Mary omnipotent
Greater works than Jesus did?

Discerning the truth from lies
Rick Warren praises Catholic Church

Deception: Pope a hero of faith
Russia and NATO


Updated writings  
Jesus didn't use cannabis oil
Freemason and the deception
Jesus was not married
Religious people versus atheists
Believe on the Lord Jesus
The Bible and homosexuality
Mass deaths of birds and fishes
The son of  Hamas
The great war in the Middle-East
Roots of the catholic church and pope
Concentrate on Jesus Christ
Two covenants
Sex research slaves of their lusts
The "code" of The Messiah
Answering to mockers
Androgyne and androgyny
The Early Church and Judaism

Current topics
Incorrect tolerance and the deception
Planned and organized sexual assaults
Gay marriages in the society
Catholic Church and European Union 4
Jesus was not married
The great war in the Middle-East
Tom of Finland sinful stamps
Religious people versus atheists
Euthanasia "mercy death"
Yoga Warning (Video English subtitles)
Solar storm pole shift earthquake
The son of Hamas
Swine flu vaccine
The Da Vinci Code
Zeitgeist movie
Answering to mockers

Through the suffering and love of the Lord Jesus Messiah, the beauty of Biblical salvation and the significance of the death of the Lord Jesus Messiah on the cross can open up to you in a new way, which can lead you into salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Messiah.

Link: Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus


Jesus' disciples must concentrate in the Lord Jesus. Behind the link is teaching about the faith concentrating in the Lord Jesus.

Link: Concentrate in Jesus Christ

This site contains pictures of the Tabernacle and its instruments. Site also contains exemplary teaching about the Tabernacle.

Link: Tabernacle


Earth's magnetic field

The Bible (the Word of God) tells the things and phenomenons of the end time that shake the world, which are large and disastrous earthquakes, solar storms and earth's pole shift.

Link: Occurrences of the end time


The Bible teaches that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah.

Link: Jesus is the promised Messiah

The fact is that the shroud of Turin doesn't present Jesus of the Bible. If we can find even one evidence, which disprove the shroud of Turin theory, so the whole story shall be invalidated. We can find a large number of evidence from the Bible, which show that the shroud of Turin cannot be the shroud of the Lord Jesus.

Link: The Shroud of Turin

Biblical pictures from various places such as Jerusalem, Masada, Petra, The Dead Sea, Qumran and so on.

Link: Biblical pictures


It is finished for your sake, in His great love Jesus rejoiced also in the cross of Calvary for your sake by shouting ‘It is finished’. Give yourself to Jesus to fill you with His awesome love and with His truth.

Link: From Getshemane to Calvary


"The Lost Tomb of Jesus" (director James Cameron) and book The Jesus Family Tomb (written by Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino). The documentary and book tell about the same subject "The Jesus Family Tomb". But when we research closer this sensation, and we notice it is only a sensation, filled with assumptions  and absolute lies, which try to negate the truth about Jesus Christ which is in the Bible.

Link: The Lost Tomb of Jesus


Sin and satan drives mankind in the last days to rebellion against permanent relationship (marriage), which leads them to practice sinful and abnormal sex. People in the last days broke themselves and others by sinful sex practicing.

Link: distorted sex life


When I read the book  and watched the film I realise how Dan Brown's book is not only a novel, but also a messenger of end days deception. The results of my study I present in this writing.

Link: The Da Vinci Code


Harry Potter's books occult and witchcraft background.

Link: Harry Potter books




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