Incorrect Tolerance and the Deception


Recent incidents in Europe have caused confrontation, fears, deep concern, potential increase of violence threat and innumerable negative things. The main focus of this writing is incorrect tolerance and the deception and their backgrounds and goals. The right kind of tolerance tolerates all things that don't threaten the life of a man and don't accept injustice and wrong deeds. Incorrect tolerance is gullibility, in which a man is looking for the enviroment as blind to the dangers that are visible and threaten the people and society. A man who is under incorrect tolerance is a very easy target for those who are aiming at the fulfillment of their agenda through the deception. Their goal is through the deception or violence to submit and dominate the people and societies.

The new world order is aiming to power and reign through confusion and chaos, because the societies doesn't want to give up the old and secure structures without their collapsing. I'm not a racist, a conspiracy theorist, and I'm not misanthropist, I don't hate anyone, but I'm on the same side with every neighbor. I bring out things that you can test and study and form freely your own opinion and stand against my views or accept it. One thing is always sure, because the time and coming days shall show what have been the lie and the truth.


All people doesn't immigrate for danger and agony
Gullibility and incorrect tolerance
The New World Order
Fairy tale or true?


All people doesn't immigrate for danger and agony

It is sure that among asylum seekers are people who are escaping war and oppression and are danger to lose their lives. The duty of Western people (the duty of everyone) is to help those who really need it. The unfortunate fact is that the people who most need the help have no wealth and possibilities to move away from the middle of the war and crisis. Therefore the biggest aid would be given for those who live in crisis areas. It is also unfortunate fact that especially the Islamic extremist movements have misused immigration concerning asylum seekers. The consequence of this misuse is that they have infiltrated to all of those European countries that have received asylum seekers.

He who knows the history and if he has even a little deeper read up on the history of Islam, so he knows how much sufferings Islamization and its conquest of the world intention have caused throughout of the history. I bring out shortly background and root of Islam's intention to world conquest.

According to Islamic tradition in Mecca was made an assassination plot against Muhammad and for this reason he moved to Yatrib (Medina). From this came conception hijrah (hegira, hejira) which means Muhammad and his friends immigration from Mecca to Medina. Muhammad's strategy was first to become stronger in Medina and when he was strengthening enough, so he took over Medina and ruled it according to Islam. Muhammad is the model and example to every Muslim and they must follow the example of Muhammad. Koran's Sura 4 has been written that Muslims would use jihad immigration as a part of their plan to conquest the whole world under the rule of Islam.

According to Islam's sharia law the whole world has divided into two areas, the house of Islam or the house of peace (Dar al-Islam) or the house of war (Dar al-harb). According to Islam all non Muslim countries belong to the area of the house of war and against these countries should fight as long as they have been submitted under the rule of Islam. Muslim are waiting arriving of Mahdi (Muslims Messiah) who shall restore the caliphate and pure Islamic faith, so that Islam will rule over all of the countries in the world. According to Islam Mahdi is the final and last caliph who is acting as if "vice regent" of Allah on the earth, and he shall set up the new Islamic world order on the earth. Islamic belief teach about the last days' battles, in which aspiration is submitting non Muslim countries under the rule of Islam. For this reason Islamic extremist movements are raised and are prepared to fight against the Western countries.

According to the example of Muhammad first happen immigration to the land that is intended to take over. In the beginning Muslims say that they love peace and when they have become stronger, they try to take over the land to Islam. According to this plan Muslims are escaping for their lives (as Muhammad did) as the victims of violence and death threat and for this consequence they move to the non Muslim country. Muslims who are asylum seekers shall have a good acceptance (like Muhammad had), but when they have arrived in the new land, so they begin to work such as Muhammad did. They begin to strengthen their troops through proselytes and new asylum seekers. When they are strengthened enough, so they took over the land and submitted it under the rule of Islam (just like Muhammad did). Muhammad is the model and example of every Muslim, so therefore Arab Spring and disturbances are on purpose made and planned, because by that way Muslims are following Muhammad's example to carry out jihad immigration as the goal to take over and submit non Muslim countries under the rule of  Islam.

Quran 4:100 Sahih international: And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many [alternative] locations and abundance. And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him - his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah . And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.

The Quran says that whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and his messenger and if death overtakes him he will be rewarded.

Noorhan Abbas and Dr. Eric Atwell say Sura 4:100 means: Concepts/Themes Covered: Pillars of Islam> The Blessed Muhammad(PBUH)> His Immigration and the Immigrants Rank - Jihad> The Call to Jihad>Preferring the Strugglers

According to the explanation of Quran, Sura 4:100 speaks about immigration and call to the fight (war).

According to site Sura 4:97-100 means immigration (hijrah) and this site says as following: Some people have misunderstood the tradition which says: 'There is no hijrah after the conquest of Makka' (Bukhari, 'Sayd', 10; 'Jihad', 1, 27, 194; Tirmidhi, 'Siyar', 33; Nasa'i, 'Bay'ah', 15, etc. - Ed.) This tradition is specifically related to the people of Arabia of that time and does not embody a permanent injunction. At the time when the greater part of Arabia constituted the Domain of Unbelief (Dar al-Kufr) or the Domain of War (Dar al-Harb), and Islamic laws were being enforced only in Madina and its outskirts, the Muslims were emphatically directed to join and keep together. But when unbelief lost its strength and elan after the conquest of Makka, and almost the entire peninsula came under the dominance of Islam, the Prophet (peace be on him) declared that migration was no longer needed. This does not mean, however, that the duty to migrate was abolished for Muslims all over the world for all time to come regardless of the circumstances in which they lived.

Immigration is still in power. Muslims goal is to conquer the whole world under the rule of Islam and they are also doing it through immigration.

If you study accurately the development that has occurred in the Western countries concerning the immigration of Muslims, so you shall notice how it follows Muhammad's example. The strategy is at the beginning to behave as the religion of peace, but when they become stronger, they demand right to observe Islamic laws (sharia law) and when they have become sufficiently strong, so they take over by force the land and submit it under rule of Islam. This doesn't mean that all Muslims have this goal, but it means that every jihadists have this goal and we can see "the fruit" of this in the Western countries and for example in Sweden. All over the place where Muslim jihadists shall have influence shall occur that they submit also moderate Muslims under their rule as threat of the death if they don't obey jihadists.

Jihadism is fulfilling four point strategy to take over the land under the rule of Islam.

1. Infiltration

- Migration wave to non Muslin country (to enemy country)

- Appealing to humanitarian tolerance

- Islam is shown as the religion of peace and Muslims are victims of misunderstanding

- Non Muslims are charged as a racists if they criticize Islam

- Intention to raise birthrate of Muslims in non Muslim countries

- Demand to build mosque (they spread Islam in Mosque)

- Intention to criminalize Islam phobia as the hate crime

- Interreligious dialogues purpose is brainwashing of non Muslims

2. Reinforcement of power and force

- Intention to increase the numbers of proselytes
- Planting of jihad cells and recruiting to jihadism

- Intention to convert marginalized people to Islam
- Intention to renew Islamic history
- Intention to destroy historical evidence that reveal the genuine Islam
- Intention to launch anti-Western campaign propaganda and psychological warfare
- Intention to make allies who share the common goal (anarchists and so on)
- Intention to brainwash children to accept Islamic opinion and principles
- Intention to frighten, silence and eliminate non Muslims
- Intentending to put in the power Islam's blasphemy and hate laws for silence critic
- Extension of Muslim organization and increase Muslims birthrate and immigration
- Through charity recruit supporters and funding Jihad
- Secretly trying to destroy the enemy land from inside (non Muslims)
- Developing Islam policy inside to non Muslim society
- Creating Islamic financial and funding network in order to buy land
- Assassinations of critic's that frighten opponents
- Tolerance towards non Muslims shall limited to the minimum level
- Progressive demand for non Muslims to accept and adopt Islamic customs
- Gathering of weapons and explosions from secret hiding places
- Rejection of non Muslim society laws and culture
- Intention to weaken and destroy other religions, especially the Jews and Christians

3. Open war/leadership and culture

- Deliberate intention to weaken enemy land's government and culture
- Frightening by cruelties and through promotion of fear intention to submission under the rule of Islam
- Open and covered intentions to collapse the society financially
- Resistance shall be challenged and destroyed and silenced
- Mass executions of non Muslims
- The soldiers of Islam carry out massive ethnic cleansing
- Opposing and resisting non Muslims laws and culture
- Murdering of moderate Muslims that don't support Islamization
- Destroying of the churches, synagogues and other non Muslim institutions
- The women shall be submitted under the sharia law
- Massive destroying of the population, assassinations, bomb attacks
- Collapsing of the government and stealing political power
- Determination of sharia law

4. Totalitarian Islamic theocracy

- Sharia will be the law of the land
- The human rights of non Muslims are cancelled and invalidated
- Slavery and mass destruction of non Muslims
- Freedom of speech is cancelled from the press and the people
- Other religion except Islam are forbidden and destroyed
- Destroying the evidence of non Muslims culture

In many Western countries are going on phase one and for example in Sweden is currently happening partly phase one and two. If someone thinks that four point jihadism is the conspiracy theory or product of the imagination, so look at what is happening in Europe right now and read from the history until this day how Islam has conquered countries and how it has carried out Islamization. My intention is not arousing fears and panic, but openly and honestly tell the goal of Islamization and jihadism concerning immigration. Those Western people who condemn me as a conspiracy theorist and don't believe what I have written shall some day wake up too late in reality.

Ne länsimaalaiset ihmiset, jotka tuomitsevat minut salaliittoteoreetikoksi, eivätkä usko sitä mitä olen kirjoittanut tulevat heräämään joku päivä todellisuuteen liian myöhään.

Gullibility and incorrect tolerance

Many people have several years warned dangers and problems concerning to immigration. I mean such kind of people who had been correctly given constructive criticism about the problems of immigration. I don't mean racists and European extremist movements. Majority about correctly and constructive criticism concerning to immigration has been labelled as racist hate speech. This kind of labelling had been done systematically blinded by gullibility and incorrect tolerance. People who want to destroy Western societies and its values have misused ruthlessly gullibility and incorrect tolerance of some authorities and decision makers. Now when the real status of things is beginning to reveal and problems have fast shaken the values and peace of the societies, so the confrontation has rooted deeply into the hearts of asylum seekers and Western people. It is very difficult to root out this gap and confrontation, because many (not all) people doesn't trust anymore authorities, decision makers and mainstream Media, because they haven't been up-to-date and moreover, many of them have systematically covered the truth accusing people as racists who have given correctly and constructive criticism. People who have been under the influence of gullibility and incorrect tolerance have fallen to the trap what the Bible says in Proverbs: Whoever digs a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolls a stone, it will return on him.

The New World Order

Many people (not all) who have power in the world as authorities, decision makers, politicians and elites have known what is behind of all evil and disturbances what is happening right now in the world. The architects of the New World Order are behind of many catastrophes and evil things in the world. They have seen and planned that the mankind doesn't want to receive the New World Order if the current world order can continue and exist. They have decided that through catastrophes, wars, chaos and confusion the mankind is ready to receive and accept the New World Order that the world's elite shall rule under the leadership of a world government's leader.

The architects of the New World Order have decided that the population of the world must diminish, but it has to do partly secretly (developing deadly diseases and so on) and through visible chaos. Purpose of diminishing the population is protected the riches of the elites, because too large population of the earth is a threat to their riches and enjoyments and pleasures.

The architects of the New World Order know all about world conquer plan of Islam and they allow it to happen to a certain point before they stopped it. Why they allow Islamization continuing to a certain point? Their intention is through Islamic extremist movements to show how dangerous the religions are and because of it, they condemn all religions and beliefs who don't submit under the ecumenical world religion. Cruelties and killings of Islamic extremist movements shall be used as an example how dangerous all religions and beliefs can be except the New World Order Ecumenical Religion. If religions and other beliefs don't submit themselves under the authority of the New World Order Religion, so they are like dangerous terrorists who must put behind the bars in prison, because NWO authorities say that they are dangerous to society.

In the year 2000 was held the conference: The interfaith Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, and among them was people groups from the United Nations. The United Nations has occult background, because the UN publishing company was named the Lucis Trust and it was earlier The Lucifer Publishing Company founded by Alice Bailey who was a theosophist. The United Nations supports many organizations that are not national governments, but associations which support New-Age and Luciferian doctrines.

Luciferian David Spangler Director of Planetary Initiative in the United Nations has said:

“The true light of Lucifer cannot be seen through sorrow, through darkness, through reflection. The true light of this great being can only be recognized when ones own eyes can see with the light of the Christ, the light of the inner sun. Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness, and as we move into the New Age, which is the age of man’s wholeness, each of us is brought to that point which I term the Luciferic Initiation, the particular doorway through which the individual must pass if he is to come fully into the presence of his light and his wholeness. Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it, then he is free and we are free, that is the Luciferic Initiation. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age - David Spangler, Reflection of the Christ, 3rd Edition, 1981, page. 45.

"No one will enter the New World Order... unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation."- David Spangler Director of Planetary Initiative United Nations

The second quote is from a book called, ‘Reimagination of the World’ by Spangler and William Bloom.

Luciferianism is satanic occult and according to David Spangler no one can enter the New World Order without pledge to worship Lucifer. According to the teaching of the Bible, Lucifer was king of Babylon, who worked guided by satan's evil spirits and the Bible doesn't connect Lucifer to God of the Bible.

The head architect of the New World Order Religion is Roman Catholic Church, which shall take leading role in the New World Order Religion. Roman Catholic Church praise Lucifer in Latin Mass:  flammas eius lucifer matutinus inveniat ille inquarn lucifer qui nescit occasum Christus Filius tuus - Let this flame found as burning through Lucifer (morning star), which never let down - Christ, your son.

Saying, Christ as Lucifer doesn't mean that Jesus is Lucifer, but Lucifer represents satanic powers. Roman Catholic Church is also involved in satan worship. In the Bible, Lucifer is connected to sin and satanic powers. Roman Catholic Church's worship of Lucifer is worshiping of satan, and not the God of the Bible.

Former Jesuit priest Malachi Martin was an inner circle of Vatican over twenty years. He has written before his death that inside of the Vatican was occult conspiracy, in which they practice satanic rituals that were pointed out for Lucifer. Jesuits are controlling the Vatican and Pope and nowadays they have a Jesuit Pope (Francis). Influence of Jesuits reach everywhere and during the New World Order the mankind is setting up to worship Lucifer, in other words satanic evil spirit, antichrist, and Jesuits are his gofers.

Martin Malachi has brought out in his books that inside of the Catholic Church some priests and bishops have practiced satanic pedophilia rituals. In his book Windswept House: A Vatican Novel (1996) Martin tells about the ceremony of fallen archangel Lucifer and his rising into power, which had held St. Paul's Chapel in the Vatican. Martin linked this rising and coronation to satanic ritual that took place June 29, 1963. Martin's books were novels, but this don't diminish the truth value of the message of his books. Martin Malachi tells in his book Windswept House: A Vatican Novel that incidents are true and not mere imagination.

Catholic priest Charles Fiore said about Martin's book Windswept House that it is a novel that has been written as novel, in which the real persons and incidents are disguise of the novel. According to the testimony of Fiore Martin's book  Windswept House: A Vatican Novel tells about the real incidents and persons. Fiore has said that when asked about Martin how much Windswept House book contain truth, Martin said that about 80%.

John Loeffler (radio host - Steel on Steel radio show) asked about Martin was the Vatican's coronation to satan true, did it happen? Martin said that yes, it did. The books of Malachi Martin are not only novels, but they also tell about the real persons and incidents. According to Martin's testimony the coronation ceremony of Lucifer in Vatican was the real incident.

Inside the Catholic Church is also other people who have dared to bring out that there satan's worshippers in the Catholic Church. Above is Italian articles, in which fr0o example archbishop Milingo says that in the Catholic church is priests and bishops who worship satan. Someone has asked about Milingo that is there in Roman Curia satan worshippers? Milingo said that certainly there are priests and bishops, but he shall stop here in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, because he is only archbishop, and he can't go higher as he is.

The evidence is indisputable that high clergymen of the Catholic Church have involved satan worshipping and satanic rituals. The tactic of the Catholic Church is to somehow silence those people who criticize the Church. One thing is spreading erroneous and false rumors about what criticizing people have said. Murder and killing is not impossible to Jesuits and from this are evidence when Jesuits have killed Catholic clergymen who have had courage to tell what is the real Vatican.

Vatican's YouTube channel published 6.1.2016 speech by pope Francis: Interreligious Dialogue. The same speech can be found also from site.

Pope Francis prayer request January 2016: Most of the planet's inhabitants declare themselves believers. This should lead to dialogue among religions. We should not stop praying for it and collaborating with those who think differently. Many think differently, feel differently, seeking God or meeting God in different ways. In this crowd, in this range of religions, there is only one certainty we have for all: We are all children of God. I hope you will spread my prayer request this month: " That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice." I have confidence in your prayers.

If you still don't believe that the Vatican is creating an ecumenical world religion system that Vatican and pope lead, so you shall see its realization. Pope's prayer request is one step to the birth of world religion (they say and believe, they all are the same and one with different paths). On the day when this has fulfilled, you shall also notice that other things have fulfilled and the world has been deceived to satanic New World Order.

The intention of the Jesuits is to form political, financial, social and religious empire, the New World Order. The Jesuits try to unite countries that are apart, forming new international financial and political structures. Their intention is also to unite religions as one, in which the Vatican would have dominance. The Jesuits have formed ecumenical plan, in which pope will take ecumenical contact to all religions and Churches. The pope is the initiator of ecumenical plan and therefore the Vatican will demand and try to take power as the religious leader of the New World Order Religion.

Fairy tale or true?

If you have read my writing until now, so someone might think that my writing is like a conspiracy theory novel, which is the output of an imagination. Someone might think that my writing is a fairy tale and obvious nonsense. The time will tell and show is this fairy tale or true.

Test and study and look whereto the world is going on. On the day when the authorities of the New World Order are putting the mark into people through some kind of microchip system in the right hand or forehead (the mark of the beast), so they have taken a step of no return.

Behind all this is satanic powers, which drive the whole world openly to worship satan that is not the product of an imagination, but the real personal evil whose goal is to destroy as many people as possible and he shall lead them eternal damnation. Personal evil, on other words, satan is behind all this and satan deceives Islam, Roman Catholic Church, the architects of the New World Order and every person who don't believe in the Lord Jesus as the Bible says.

Personal evil has many tactics to deceive and some of them are incorrect tolerance and the deception. Incorrect tolerance doesn't want to believe evil and bad intentions, but that all is well and therefore evil intentionally deceives through incorrect tolerance. When a man has fallen for the deception, so after it his whole life shall be destroyed systematically. Antichrist will rise in the last days and he shall appear as the Jesus of the Bible and as the benefactor, but he is the servant of personal evil and the deceiver who want to destroy your soul.

If you don't believe the existence of personal evil (satan) and the God of the Bible and that your soul needs salvation, so you are similar as those people who have been gullible and under the incorrect tolerance, because they don't believe that Islam could or want harm them through immigration.

Is there anything that you can do? The only solution is repent and believe in the Lord Jersus as the Bile says. If you shall repent and believe in the Lord Jesus, so your eyes shall open to see the truth and invisible struggle for the souls of men. The iniquity will take over in the last days mankind, but according to the word of God (Bible), Almighty God is the winner and He shall condemn all evilness with eternal punishment. The Lord Jesus loves you and wants to save you.


Closing words: I'm a little and imperfect man and I might have mistaken in some detail, but the God of the Bible doesn't err, because His word is the perfect truth.


Petri Paavola 9.2.22016

33/38 Finnish Bible
Biblia 1776 Finnish Bible
King James Version 1769

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